Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 - week 19 - results

NO @SEA, FOX, SEA D goose eggs NO for 3 quarters, then let NO back into the game to make it a bit interesting in Q4, but not really SEA wins 23-15 SU, but does not cover ATS.

IND @NE, CBS, another wet game w/rain. NE run O is dominating, Q2 the game seems to be getting boring w/NE up 21-10 and their ST center has a really high snap, causing their punter to chase ball and he ends up fumbling the ball out of the end zone for a safety. NE D safety and CB interfere with each other interception of QB Luck, IND really lucky. Last 2 min and NE D isn't getting to IND QB Luck, but the ball bounces off their FB (ball appears to behind target) and NE D gets another interception. It's NE QB Brady's turn with 74 seconds to score before the end of half, but NE ends up punting and IND O gets the ball back with 37 sec left. So why run the ball on 1st down w/IND? Really odd since they also used a TO earlier to save time for IND O. At the half NE 21-12. Q3 and IND out scores NE 10-8, so at the end of Q3 NE leads 29-22. NE owns Q4 and wins going away 43-22 on two rushing TDs and w/more IND ints(2) this game is done.
NE CB Dennard starts and ends the game with interceptions.

SF @CAR, FOX, game pretty much goes as expected, CAR does get a nice TD (Q2 scoring for CAR), but for the most part SF D stifles CAR O (goose eggs CAR O Q1, Q3, Q4) and CAR D needs to stop the run better as well as pass. CAR ST played much better than SF ST. SF one glaring weakness. One other note CAR OC should be placed on the carpet for play calling when inside the 5yd line twice and no score.

SD @DEN, CBS, DEN D is playing inspired, it's really interesting CB Bailey is finally playing but is taking on the slot WR, instead of #1 WR. First TO of the game goes SD way, but they can't move the ball and miss a FG(it's really windy). SD punter gets injured, this game is really going DEN way. Another uncharacteristic TO by DEN in the endzone stifles another scoring opportunity for DEN. SD kneels and goes into the half down 14-0. DEN D goose eggs SD for 3 quarters, but Q4 SD scores 17 pts, but it's not enough to overcome DEN 24 pts.

WOW, a perfect weekend 8 for 8 on my picks, perfect ATS, perfect TOTALS, I need to remember this, I think I have, I just didn't blogged it. Now at least it's for all to see, this can be done. You too can win ATS and on Totals during the playoffs.

I'm now 5-2-1 ATS and 7-1 Totals for the playoffs.

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