Monday, April 07, 2014

Head Coach retention rates - by Football Perspective

Head Coach Retention Rates

The above url (link) is one of those articles that you wonder why no one has done it before and though it may not be a hot bed of a topic for discussion, it does merit discussion.

Though the rate seems to be about the same as in years past whether going with a 5yr or 3yr retention rate. Where everyone's focus is a winning correlation with head coach and staff retention. Those teams which have less turnover at their coaching positions seems to have a better winning percentage.

Now the article doesn't go that deeply into the general perception of winning = head coaches retention, just if they are still with the same team, so it would be nice to see this topic with a more in depth view.

Friday, April 04, 2014

and the stripes are changing...

Instead of posting more pre-draft speculation, here's a link for new referees this upcoming season by the folks at

Speculation whirls around new referee hires

This could be an interesting angle to follow. I'd guess perhaps less penalties (speedy games) or perhaps more penalties (slower games) as far actual game length. Of course if they happen to be assigned to young teams, you would expect more penalties vs a much more veteran team. It would take at least a month or two to see if there is a trend of any type to follow for the new hires.