Friday, February 22, 2013

Point of View - Bill Walsh '97 edition,

This first link goes on about the lack of organizations taking a chance on a player due to "In this era of the salary cap, free agency and only seven rounds of picks, there is no room for taking chances. No gambles. No projects."

The second link has more links to the ideal position players, and of note he predicts California TE Tony Gonzalez will be a great TE, and we all got to watch his soon to be Hall of Fame career.

Comment -
I'm wondering about xBoise St QB Kellen Moore, he seems to have a lot of Montana, but he maybe held back because Stafford has superior arm strength, and the coaches seem to want to develop Stafford more as a QB. Moore IMO just has better instincts, he doesn't have the greatest arm, but he does have accuracy and timing. So I maybe a bit biased after watching him beat up on the his WAC opponents year after year, but he also did it against the SEC and BIG 12 opponents when he had a chance to do so.
Sadly scouts see Boise St as a gimmick offense or as a system offense, not as a great offense with wonderful coaching and astute play calling.
SEC teams for the most part out recruit all other leagues and teams. Very few teams have their type of depth or have been able to sustain their dominance for a decade. So the SEC really wins with their players, not with superior coaching IMO and when they notice a superior coach they recruit them as well ala xFlorida Head Coach Urban Meyer who is now with Ohio St.

well we'll see if I'm prophetic....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 cuts and overpaid players

The NFL has a nice little list, so does PFW, but I'll put up a link for the site, see...

My thought is it's missing a player or two, notably DET QB Stafford. He's paid as a top 5 QB, yep up there with Brady, Manning bros, Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisberger.

But IMO he's not in that tier, he just happens to have perhaps the best WR in the NFL at this time. Normally I say the QB 'makes' the WR, but in this case it's more likely the other way around, it's much more like when WR Randy Moss made QB Culpepper look good with great catches. Megatron makes Stafford look good.

Funny how for DET their DL (Suh) draws more media attention, but they should really be paying attention to  the OL and QB play IMO. You shouldn't pay big bucks until you really achieve something and what has DET achieved? Notoriety for their lack of focus? or should this just be a reflection of their head coach? Probably a mix of both, it's obvious they have talent on their roster, but they've yet to consistently win enough games for me to give them the opinion of a good team at best they are average. The whole team is overpaid with the exception of WR Calvin Johnson and perhaps a few others (Fairley seems to be underpaid  IMO), secondary really needs upgrades, but where are they gonna come up with the $$ for new contracts for free agents? After spending on this years crop of rookies, they'll again be behind the 8 ball.

I'm not sure how they'll get out of the cellar in the NFC North, GB has clearly superior staff and personnel, MIN needs a better QB, but are fairly solid on D (they lack depth in their secondary), have an effective run O scheme. CHI will have a new head coach and staff this year, so maybe they could take a step back, but they are very talented on D and lack cohesion on O IMO. DET? well there's always next year....

5-2 Defense?

Here's a little something I read over at

and I thought to blog this as we should be seeing the spread or variants occur more often in NFL. IMO the NFL is really not that innovative as far as football goes, they just have the best athletes.

If you didn't know already Clancy Pendergast is well known is NFL circles, see

College is where you'll see new schemes on O and D used to gain advantages and those who are successful, quickly get the recognition. Clancy Pendergast may well yet end up in the NFL again, but for now we get to watch his magic w/USC.

I'm thinking as football continues to evolve we'll see more 5-2 D vs pre-dominant run spread O and perhaps 3-3-5 vs pre-dominant pass spread O, but that's just a guess. More on the 3-3-5 here

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SuperBowl XLVII Prop Bets scorecard

I know this is a bit late, but better late than never.....

I noticed at the las vegas review journal, a list of winning propositions for Super Bowl XLVII

The biggest winner appears to be plus 800 (+800) for a safety, bet 100 win 800.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

2013 Regional Combines

This is interesting as I believe this is the first time regional combines will be held/hosted and the I wonder how much coverage will the NFL Network devote to this. It'll be great for the football junkies

Sunday, February 03, 2013

2012 - week 21 & 22, Pro Bowl & Super Bowl 47 - results

ouch no over for the Pro Bowl and the NFC won handily

BAL took advantage of SF turnovers and penalties to lead 21-6 @half. An opening kickoff returned for a TD by BAL and then a game delay of 35 minutes (due to power outage to half of stadium) during first series for SF still does not change the game as BAL played looser (is that a word). The over still appears to be on track, but clearly BAL will win the Super Bowl.

Update: Q4 curious last series, SF 1st and goal to go (7 yards to end zone) and calls three pass plays (after initial run), true the officiating appears to be blind to a pass interference, but SF OL was moving BAL DL and BAL DT Ngata was out of game at end of Q3. Three running plays why not? instead trying to squeeze the ball via the pass, huh?

Still an exciting Q3 and Q4 as after the first half I really thought SF was done.

So 0-2 Pro Bowl, 1-1 Super Bowl, the total was never in doubt after Q1

final thoughts:
BAL ST clearly out performed SF ST from a kickoff returned for a TD, to kick offs that were end zoners or out of the end zone. SF ST K Akers leg strength clearly waned as the game went on allowing for BAL to return the ball. BAL punter had a deliberate safety AND took off 8 secs of the final 12 secs of game. BAL only blemish was a failure to convert on a fake field goal ending up up about a yard short. SF ST only saving grace was punter Andy Lee was a near wash w/BAL punter Koch.

Teams will be picking on SF CB Culliver and Safety Whitner for their untimely coverage