Thursday, February 21, 2013

5-2 Defense?

Here's a little something I read over at

and I thought to blog this as we should be seeing the spread or variants occur more often in NFL. IMO the NFL is really not that innovative as far as football goes, they just have the best athletes.

If you didn't know already Clancy Pendergast is well known is NFL circles, see

College is where you'll see new schemes on O and D used to gain advantages and those who are successful, quickly get the recognition. Clancy Pendergast may well yet end up in the NFL again, but for now we get to watch his magic w/USC.

I'm thinking as football continues to evolve we'll see more 5-2 D vs pre-dominant run spread O and perhaps 3-3-5 vs pre-dominant pass spread O, but that's just a guess. More on the 3-3-5 here

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