Saturday, June 23, 2007

*** The commentators rule this site***

The above link leads to "Sanders not ready to return" as in Bob Sanders IND safety. Even though its over a month old, reading the forum is informative and fun as you can read the opinions and highly insightful views of IND, NE, CHI and other tidbits, that reminds me that this is one of the best sites for NFL football

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NFL interesting posts, writeups

Marquee matchup for 2007 -

comment: SD has a decided edge w/Ron Rivera (former DC for CHI) when CHI visits SD in week 1. Current spread is SD -6, this could rise to -7.5+ my thinkin' is w/Rivera he'll know the weakness' of CHI O having watched/coached against them for several years as well as weakness' of the CHI D. If SD jumps to an early lead, CHI will most likely sputter.

Saint's sign CB, Colts have more holes

in their week 1 matchup getting 6pts may just be enough to get the cover, though NO does still have a secondary that could be upgraded. IND are the champs and the bulls eye is squarely on their backs. I expect IND to win but not cover...

ATL latest starter sidelined

ATL w/D in trouble even before training camp starts and new O and D schemes to implement will likely have trouble @ MIN

NFL week 1 odds