oh the weather, outside is frightful, but the betting can be delightful

Sept 10,2015 update:

AccuWeather Football Weather Center

2015 week 1 forecast

Outdoor stadiums are affected by the weather and influence the decisions of OC's and DC's as well as the head coach.

Wind affects kickers and punters more than QB's I suspect, though a weaker armed QB is much more affected than a stronger armed QB, thus finding this national picture is nice, see http://www.intellicast.com/National/Wind/WINDcast.aspx
I tend to pay attention when the wind is 25+ mph and watch to see if totals drop or stay the same.

It's easier to list dome teams, (not affected by weather, though attendance might be)


* - denotes team may open dome at their discretion
** - denotes natural grass surface, all other dome teams play on a form of artificial turf.

Rain affects the game as well. see http://www.intellicast.com/National/Precipitation/RainCast.aspx
Usually the greater the chance of rain, the greater the chance of a conservative approach to the game by coaching staff and players.
Rain is often more unsettling as forecasters post a percentage on the chance of rain during the hours of the game, but as often as been the case it may or may not rain. Tropical storms and hurricanes are your friend as long as no one changes the game time (for example, moves the start from 1pm to 7pm).

Cold, when the temperature drop below freezing on game day, even the crowds seem to be a bit more quieter. Florida teams as well as Southwest teams in particular are much more affected, than teams in much cooler climates. see http://www.intellicast.com/National/Temperature/HighTomorrow.aspx

Under the total is where the betting tends to win as the books normally post totals no lower than 33 and every now and then go to 32 or 31 total points. So if there's wind, rain and cold, there's really only one way to look...

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