Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Week 16 - no posts

no posts due to illness

Week 15 results

ATS weekly
overall: 18-13-1
favored side or total: 10-5-1
best bets: 4-1

ATS season
overall: 211-200-4
favored side or total: 105-99-7
best bets: 29-29-2

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Week 14 results

ATS weekly
overall: 17-14-1
favored side or total: 9-7
best bets: 2-0

ATS season
overall: 193-187-3
favored side or total: 95-94-6
best bets: 25-28-2

Week 15 weekend

253 DAL -4 X
254 ATL 45 U

255 NYJ 41 X
256 MIN -3.5 U

257 CLE 34 U
258 BAL -12 X

259 HOU 37.5 U
260 NE -11 X

261 MIA 34 X
262 BUF -1.5 O

263 PIT -3 X
264 CAR 38 U

265 WAS 46.5 X
266 NO -9.5 U

267 JAC -3.5 O
268 TEN 41 X

269 TB 34 O
270 CHI -13.5 X

271 PHI 43.5 O
272 NYG -5.5 X

273 DET 44 U
274 GB -5.5 X

275 DEN -2.5 U
276 ARI 42 X

277 KC 46.5 U
278 SD -8.5 X

279 STL 38 U
280 OAK -3 X

281 CIN 54.5 X
282 IND -3.5 O

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Week 15 weekday

251 SF 39 X
252 SEA -9.5 U

Saturday, December 09, 2006

football outsiders post and QB thoughts


Their "Too Deep Zone" rambling is excellent once again, with "NFL Matchup" as their focus.

I noticed the question on Vince Young and followed the link of Merril Hoge's anti-V Young stance and just had to say that the Tenn brain trust of Fisher and OC Chow chose Young over Leinart. Leinart at the time was obviously much more familiar w/Chow's "system" and yet they chose Young (due to athletic ability). I believe Young under Chow's tutelage will get better and better and Leinart under D Green and Co will get worse and worse.
Notice that QB Rivers is doing well and was under Chow's system at NC State. Rivers isn't really fleet of foot but is fast enough to give DL and LB problems. Rivers appears to have a solid foundation for the NFL game.

Another QB who has a good feel on what a play is designed for is Matt Schaub. I believe M Vick is the better athlete but his thought process is faulty and OC Knapp needs to reinforce "what is the play designed for" and "reading coverages". Schaub came from VA when Trestman was OC and it shows. (Trestman BTW has an NFL backgound specifically w/"West Coast" and "timing routes" though I dont believe NC State fans will implore to keep him, since Amato has been shown the door. I believe he's a good coach and tutor and will be scooped up quickly by another org) M Vick came from VA Tech where QB's do not have the tutelage to correctly read progression or D's in my mind. VA Tech just recruited better OL and better athletes overall.

Griese comes to mind as well as a capable QB w/Michigan as his background. The conservative approach seems to be more characteristic of his play and very unlike Grossman, though Grossman may be more well liked due to talk, Griese' play is much better and judgin' from reports that he has gotten more rep's in practice we may see Grossman finally get the hook on MNF if STL can come together as a team. That is a big IF due to STL recent play and QB quotes on NFL network, though they may view CHI as the team to beat and thus play "up" for the game, I just don't believe it's likely. There could be the scenario where STL DC Haslett (xNO coach and well known DC prior to HC position) game plans CHI QB Grossman very well and QB Bulger get's a couple of quick scores, but this requires the team to come together, which hasn't occured in the past weeks and I won't hold my breath, I just hope the game is well played... but reality is STL @home is not a winning prop and CHI D even w/o DT T Harris is playing outstanding football.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Week 14 weekend

203 BAL 36 U
204 KC -3 X

205 ATL -3 X
206 TB 38 U

207 MIN 39 U
208 DET -2 X

209 TEN 41.5 X
210 HOU -1 U

211 NYG 39.5 X
212 CAR -3 O

213 NO 48 U
214 DAL -7 X

215 BUF 37 X
216 NYJ -4 O

217 IND -1 U
218 JAC 44 X

219 PHI -1 O
220 WAS 40.5 X

221 OAK 39 U
222 CIN -11 X

223 NE -3.5 X
224 MIA 37 U

225 GB 44 O
226 SF -4.5 X

227 SEA -3 O
228 ARI 45 X

229 DEN 42.5 X
230 SD -7.5 U

231 CHI -6.5 X
232 STL 40.5 U

Week 14 weekday

201 CLE 34 U
202 PIT -7.5 X

Week 13 results

ATS weekly
overall: 18-13-1
favored side or total: 9-7
best bets: 1-1

ATS season
overall: 176-173-2
favored side or total: 86-87-6
best bets: 23-28-2

ATS 2-2 O/U 3-1