Sunday, February 01, 2015

2014 - week 22 - playoffs week 4, SB 49 - results

Wow, I'd like to say it was a game for the ages.

NE and Over the total won the money.

Just really odd to me 66 seconds to go ball on the 5 for SEA after what some will call a fluke catch by SEA WR.

I expected 3 or 4 running plays from SEA. NE is ahead 28-24, I guess every football fanatic will be questioning the SEA OC. SEA did gain 4 yds on 1st and goal, then the curious call for a slant pass on 2nd and goal. It's intercepted by NE and it's now end of story for NE especially after SEA D gets an encroachment penalty, which pushes the ball out to the 6 yd line and gives Brady and company the cushion for our traditional kneel.

Well the SB 49 champs are NE and the 2014 season comes to a close.

SEA and BAL will be tough to beat next season.

My playoff record this season just sucks....sigh...

Minor comment - the referees did not have the greatest of games, several non-calls or incorrect calls were made.

just one other comment Brady won the MVP, but NE won despite Brady's 2 ints. If anyone I'd vote for the CB Butler and of course my headline would be "The Butler did it",