Thursday, May 27, 2010

NFL coaching changes for 2010

Here's a link from Real Clear Sports on changes affecting this upcoming 2010 season.

There is an update for CHI as they've hired Rod Marinelli as DC, not much else to see, lots to speculate on...

Let's begin w/CAR, even though CAR has not changed their HC, their #1QB is in question. Their present QB's (Matt Moore, Hunter Cantwell, Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike) have a total of 5 yrs NFL experience which makes them the youngest QB's in NFL.
Luckily they are in the weakest division of QB's as only NO has anything substantial w/Drew Brees (12 yrs total, if you subtract Drew Brees, NO has only 2 yrs). ATL has 8 yrs total (w/o Matt Ryan 5 yrs) and TB has a total of 7 yrs.
I expect CAR to run a lot more, but then again opponents D's will load up to stuff the run and dare them to pass. If CAR D can't hold opponents O, we could be watching some really lopsided games. Wait this might be the formula to use against TB and ATL as well, all those teams playing NFC South will have a much easier schedule. This includes AFC North and NFC South, so if you're drafting fantasy football players you might want to grab players from those divisions as they'll have at least 3 games where offensive points will reach skyward. NO players should have a good season again.

As far as coaching changes and preseason, those teams with new coaches, especially OC & DC's (see KC, BUF, CLE, CHI, SEA) will have something to prove and they are far more likely to put in an effort that will win the game especially ATS in preseason.