Monday, January 25, 2016

2015 - week 21 - picks

Conference championships won by home teams
(Six game winning streak for home teams)

02/07 6:30 PM
101 CAR -4 *
102 DEN 45½ over

DEN designated home team

WH records
ATS R/H 8-7
ATS F/D 8-7
O/U 8-6-1
SU 8-7

common opponent IND
CAR vsIND wk8 29-26 OT
DEN @IND wk9 24-27

common opponent GB
CAR vsGB wk9 37-29
DEN vsGB wk8 29-10

Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015 - week 20 - results

A perfect weekend, 4-0 overall, 2-0 ATS and for totals

Overall for the playoffs, 5-4-1 ATS, 6-4 for totals, all picks 11-8-1

2015 - week 20 - results

Friday, January 22, 2016

2015 - week 20 - picks

last week - all home teams won SU, but not ATS
Weather will be colder for both games (than earlier in the week projections)

01/24 3:00 PM
311 NE -3 UNDER
312 DEN 44½ *

strength vs strength

non-strength vs strength

ST edge
NE FG kicking
DEN punting
? - punt/KO coverage

01/24 6:40 PM
313 ARI 48 over
314 CAR -3 ***

strength vs strength

non-strength vs strength

ST edge
CAR FG kicking
CAR punting
? - punt/KO coverage

Sunday, January 17, 2016

2015 - week 19 - results

KC @NE - 1st half, KC scored FGs, NE scored TDs. With a comfortable lead NE moves on to the playoffs in the 2nd half

GB @ARI - GB with a Hail Mary TD ties the game at the end of regulation, but in OT ARI wins the game with stellar play from their WR Fitzgerald

SEA @CAR - CAR had a 31-0 lead at the end of the first half and holds on for a 31-24 win

PIT @DEN - PIT scores the first TD and had the lead in Q4, but an ill timed fumble leads to DEN TD and the win for the Broncos

As for my picks - ok ATS, but not good enough for totals. Surprisingly (to me) both the NE and CAR game were "over" games, as well as the GB @ARI game "under" the total.
It was a homer weekend SU, but ATS was 2-1-1

2015 - week 19 - results

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 - week 19 - picks

I've been waiting on numbers for PIT @DEN and finally someone has the cajones to post numbers.
CG Technology (which is at the M Resort and somewhere else here in 'vegas [it just escapes me atm]) is ahead of the pack. Everyone else will soon follow...

Last week:
All road teams won SU (#5,#6 seeds), but not ATS.
(only KC and GB covered, PIT and SEA did not cover)

01/16 4:35 PM
301 KC 42 *
302 NE -5 under

KC WR Maclin starts?

KC opponent W-L record 127-129
NE opponent W-L record 121-135

common opponent PIT (NE PEER)
KC won vs PIT 23-13 wk7
NE won vs PIT 28-21 wk1

common opponent DEN (NE PEER)
KC loss vs DEN 24-31 wk2
KC won @DEN 29-13 wk10
NE loss @DEN 24-30 wk12

common opponent BUF (BUF PEER)
KC won vs BUF 30-22 wk12
NE won @BUF 40-32 wk2
NE won vs BUF 20-13 wk11

common opponent HOU (BUF PEER)
KC won @HOU 27-20 wk1
NE won @HOU 27-6 wk14

WH records
FAV SU 12-3 
O/U 7-8
F/D 8-6-1
R/H 7-7-1
streak 3G-under

01/16 8:15 PM
303 GB 50 *
304 ARI -7 over

GB opponent W-L record 136-120
ARI opponent W-L record 122-134

ARI won vs GB 38-8 wk15 

common opponent SEA
GB won vs SEA 27-17 wk2
ARI won @SEA 39-32 wk10
ARI loss vs 6-36 SEA wk17

common opponent STL
GB won vs STL 24-10 wk5
ARI loss vs STL 22-24 wk4
ARI won @STL 27-3 wk13

common opponent SF
GB won @SF 17-3 wk4
ARI won vs SF 47-7 wk3
ARI won @SF 19-13 wk12

common opponent MIN
GB won @MIN 30-13 wk11
GB loss vs MIN 13-20 wk17
ARI won vs MIN 23-20 wk14

common opponent CHI
GB won @CHI 31-23 wk1
GB loss vs CHI 13-17 wk12
ARI won @CHI 48-23 wk2

common opponent DET
GB loss vs DET 16-18 wk10
GB won @DET 27-23 wk13
ARI won @DET 42-17 wk5

WH records
FAV SU 8-7 
O/U 8-6-1
F/D 8-7
R/H 8-7
streak 3G-home

01/17 1:05 PM
305 SEA 44 under
306 CAR -2½ *

SEA opponent W-L record 133-123
CAR opponent W-L record 113-143

CAR won @SEA 27-23 wk6

common opponent GB (CAR peer)
SEA loss @GB 17-27 wk2
CAR won vs GB 37-29 wk9

common opponent DAL (DAL peer)
SEA won @DAL 13-12 wk8
CAR won @DAL 33-14 wk12

WH records
FAV SU 10-5
O/U 7-8
F/D 7-8
R/H 7-8
streak 5G-FAV SU

01/17 4:40 PM
307 PIT 39½ under
308 DEN -7 *

PIT QB Roethlisberger starts?
PIT WR A Brown starts?
DEN QB Manning starts

strength vs strength?

PIT opponent W-L record 129-127
DEN opponent W-L record 128-128

DEN loss @PIT 27-34 wk15

common opponent NE (both PIT and DEN PEER)
PIT loss @NE 21-28 wk1
DEN won vs NE 30-24 wk12

common opponent IND (both PIT and DEN PEER)
PIT won vs IND 45-10 wk13
DEN loss @IND 24-27 wk9

common opponent CIN
PIT loss vs CIN 10-16 wk8
PIT won @CIN 33-20 wk14
DEN won vs CIN 27-20 wk16

common opponent BAL
PIT loss vs BAL 20-23 wk4
PIT loss @BAL 17-20 wk16
DEN won vs BAL 19-13 wk1

common opponent CLE
PIT won vs CLE 30-9 wk10
PIT won @CLE 28-12 wk17
DEN won @CLE 26-23 wk6

common opponent KC
PIT loss @KC 13-23 wk7
DEN won @KC 31-24 wk2
DEN loss vs KC 13-29 wk10

common opponent OAK
PIT won vs OAK 38-35 wk9
DEN won @OAK 16-10 wk5
DEN loss vsOAK 12-15 wk14

common opponent SD
PIT won @SD 24-20 wk5
DEN won @SD 17-3 wk13
DEN won vs SD 27-20 wk17

WH records
FAV SU 9-6
O/U 8-6-1
F/D 8-7
R/H 6-9
streak 3G-FAV SU and home

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 - week 18 - results

I should've been 4-0 for totals, but I forgot to change my pick for the SEA @MIN game to UNDER (due to sub-zero weather)
As for sides, the road teams (wild card teams - seeds #5 and #6 ) all won SU, but only KC and GB won ATS, of the home teams CIN and MIN won ATS.

2015 - week 18 - results

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2015 - week 18 - picks (aka week 1 Wild Card Playoffs weekend)


Last week DIV games:
BUF sweeps series w/NYJ ***an unexpected sweep***
CAR sweeps series w/TB
MIA splits series w/NE
CIN sweeps series w/BAL
NO sweeps series w/ATL ***an unexpected sweep***
HOU sweeps series w/JAC ***an unexpected sweep***
PIT sweeps series w/CLE
KC sweeps series w/OAK ***an unexpected sweep***
IND sweeps series w/TEN
WAS splits series w/DAL
DET sweeps series w/CHI ***an unexpected sweep***
PHI sweeps series w/NYG ***an unexpected sweep***
DEN sweeps series w/SD
SF splits series w/SF
MIN splits series w/GB

REALLY SURPRISED by the number of series sweeps
normally splits occur

01/09 4:35 PM
101 KC -3 *****
102 HOU 40½ under?

KC won 27-20 @HOU wk1
KC opponent season W-L record 127-129
HOU opponent season W-L record 127-129
6pt tease? KC/under? or HOU/under?
Which OL will let down the most? HOU?
WH F-D 12-3, FAV SU 13-2, O-U 9-6

01/09 8:15 PM
105 PIT -2½ *
106 CIN 46½ under

PIT won 33-20 @CIN wk14
CIN won 16-10 @PIT wk8 CoB
CIN QB McCarron starts
PIT opponent season W-L record 129-127
CIN opponent season W-L record 122-134
Will CIN be able to run on PIT D?

PIT DIV games 5of6 UNDER total (only @CIN OVER)
CIN DIV games 4of6 UNDER total (only vsPIT @BAL OVER)
WH ATS/SU R-H 4-11, F-D 3-12. O-U 9-6

01/10 1:05 PM
103 SEA -5½ *
104 MIN 41½ **over**

SEA won 38-7 @MIN wk13
SEA opponent season W-L record 133-123
MIN opponent season W-L record 129-127
WH ATS R-H 11-4-1, SU 11-5

01/10 4:40 PM
107 GB 45½ ***OVER***
108 WAS -1 *

common opponent CAR
GB loss 29-37 @CAR wk9
WAS loss 16-44 @CAR wk11

common opponent DAL
GB won 28-7 vs DAL wk14
WAS loss 16-19 vs DAL wk13
WAS won 34-23 @DAL wk17

common opponent CHI
GB won 31-23 @CHI wk1
GB loss 13-17 vs CHI wk12
WAS won 24-21 @CHI wk14

common opponent STL
GB won 24-10 vs STL wk5
WAS won 24-10 vs STL wk2

GB opponent season W-L record 136-120
WAS opponent season W-L record 119-137

GB SU road W-L record 5-3
WAS SU home W-L record 6-2

GB ATS road W-L record 5-3
WAS ATSU home W-L record 5-3

GB O/U road record 4-4
WAS O/U home record 3-5

GB 2-2 last 4G (split home/road)
WAS 4G win streak, (3 on the road) has won 5 of last 6

GB (28-7vsDAL 30-20@OAK 8-38@ARI 13-20vsMIN) 35-29
WAS (24-21@CHI 35-25vsBUF 38-24@PHI 34-23@DAL) 25-39

GB 35 50 46 33 
WAS 45 60 62 57

GB 2-2
WAS 4-0


Sunday, January 03, 2016

2015 - week 17 - results

My win-loss record for week 17 just above .500 ATS (9-7) and just below .500 for totals (7-9).
As for the season, I did fairly well for both ATS (132-119-5) and Totals (130-121-5)

Below are results for the week and for the season:
note: ATS Dogs are 12-4 in week 17, O/U 5-11
(similar to week 16 ATS Dogs 11-5, O/U 4-12)
2015 - week 17 - results