Monday, February 04, 2008

SB XLII results

Well I was definitely fooled by the NYG D, their front 4 had an incredible game and should have won a CO-MVP at least IMHO. True QB Eli did well in 4thQ, but it was the D that kept them in the game for first 3 quarters, constantly winning that upfront battle.

In hind sight, NE will say they should have kicked that long FG 48yd and been up 10-3 going into 4th qtr.

Looking at avg gain per O play NYG had a distinct advantage (5.4 vs 4.0) over NE, and this really shows how well NYG D played as well as the age of NE D.

It's a wonder NYG O didn't score more pts.

The DU combo won in a major upset..............

maybe one day we'll get to watch perfection.

This year, a prior commitment had me in Riverside, CA and I watched the SB w/friends at Romano's, a Chicago themed Pizza restaurant w/attached bar. Nice atmosphere and I guess it was "karma" that I won a NYG keychain at halftime and knew that the game was over for NE at halftime, when they didn't score in the last 3 min of the halve and yes I didn't win any side bets.
... :-( but what a game and as I recall a wildcard team is getting to SB and winning it every 3 yrs, just a little more food for thought....