Monday, February 07, 2011

Season 2010 - week 21 - SuperBowl XLV - results

sides 0-1
O/U 1-0
OLyrs 0-1

notes: PIT w/o their Center M Pouncey is a bit older along the O-line (by 3 years) and thus the 0-1 record.

Game comments -
The better team won, especially in the beginning, the interceptions at the beginning of the game and the fumble at the end, leads me to say the GB D played outstanding when it counted and it appeared that Big Ben and Co. just fell apart in the 4th Q, and this could really be seen in their last gasp 2 minute drill.
For the most part PIT D played fairly well, w/both DC LeBeau and S Polamalu showing their "age", their front 7 had a really nice game, but GB QB got the ball out of his hands in a very timely manner.
GB O had a good game, but the WR's could have had a much better game. This game could have been a blow out for GB except for the dropsies by their WR's.
Watching ST, PIT K and FG were 'off', the K in the 4th Q couldn't drive the KO into the endzone. GB ST had a better game, but not their best.
All in all, the better team won, hopefully GB will again make it to the SB in the near future.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Season 2010 - week 20 - conference championship results

sides 2-0
O/U 1-1
OLyrs 0-2

finally a decent week, too bad I had no bets down, (unemployed at the moment).

Season 2010 week 21 - SuperBowl XLV

SUPER BOWL XLV Cowboys Stadium - Arlington, TX

02/06 6:25 PM
101 PIT 45 ***
102 GB -2.5 Over

a behemoth of a storm, brings cold, wind, snow and sleet to the area,
but the roof will be closed for this event.

I had thought of posting picks for the SB props, but since I'm a little busy
maybe next year...