Monday, February 07, 2011

Season 2010 - week 21 - SuperBowl XLV - results

sides 0-1
O/U 1-0
OLyrs 0-1

notes: PIT w/o their Center M Pouncey is a bit older along the O-line (by 3 years) and thus the 0-1 record.

Game comments -
The better team won, especially in the beginning, the interceptions at the beginning of the game and the fumble at the end, leads me to say the GB D played outstanding when it counted and it appeared that Big Ben and Co. just fell apart in the 4th Q, and this could really be seen in their last gasp 2 minute drill.
For the most part PIT D played fairly well, w/both DC LeBeau and S Polamalu showing their "age", their front 7 had a really nice game, but GB QB got the ball out of his hands in a very timely manner.
GB O had a good game, but the WR's could have had a much better game. This game could have been a blow out for GB except for the dropsies by their WR's.
Watching ST, PIT K and FG were 'off', the K in the 4th Q couldn't drive the KO into the endzone. GB ST had a better game, but not their best.
All in all, the better team won, hopefully GB will again make it to the SB in the near future.

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