Thursday, May 17, 2012

KC quandry or just not the right point of view

I was reading this article Bowe and Chiefs both have valid arguments @PFW and perhaps to most this is very sound, but I have to disagree.

Why? well if you believe in the old adage that "QB's make WR's" then you can see why Bowes numbers have come to be. It's QB Cassel that needs upgrading, not WR Bowe IMO.

Look at the class of WR's he's being compared to and look at their QB's. See the status of their QBs - they are all very good, maybe even great. Granted WR Fitzgerald does not have a good enough QB at the moment, but when he did (prior years see Warner)he was very impressive. Bowe's numbers would be even more impressive if he played with a better QB. QB Cassel at best is somewhere between average to good, when he's off (accuracy issues in my mind) KC will lose most of the time. The strength of their team is the Defense and ST, not the Offense.

Pay the man, if you want to win games, the sooner the better or let him go elsewhere and he'll be productive.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Randy Moss - comeback

I just read an article at see

and though this is good insight I think when you're watching the game. It isn't so much if the WR is open for the QB to toss one his way, but whether the QB has lost confidence in his WR.

Take any QB in the nfl past or present, they alway develop with a favorite WR and this can last for years, sometimes it seems to last for only a season or two or as short as a game or two.

If we're using NE as an example with Brady and Moss, they hooked up early on, but D's started to adjust and Brady is not known for forcing the ball, when he did so with Moss he was bitten badly with interceptions and incompletions. I suspect the same thing will happen this year with Smith to Moss, maybe 3 to 4 consecutive games of good numbers but after the first month, D's will be ready and Smith will return to the inside game with TE Davis. Hopefully Smith will target (force) Moss in the endzone where his abilities were on clear display with QB Culpepper while they were a duo in MIN. This is what Brady didn't do with Moss in the endzone, I'm not blaming either it could be the OC just didn't want to call 'jump ball' plays, but I would have especially if I suspect D's will continue to double cover Moss in the end zone.
Most likely a front and back bracket, but here's where a good QB can get his WR to either stretch right or left, to go with play can get the score, just like in basketball. Interestingly enough, you see this type of play in the nfl with NO TE Graham and on occasion with NE TE Gronk, but I do recall, watching SD TE Gates and ATL TE Gonzales completing the same type of play in past years.

Think of it, it's just like a point guard getting the ball to his power forward or center to the left or right of basket while being double guarded or bracketed with a player fronting and a player behind the 'scoring machine'. The point guard always knows his guy is going either left or right and tosses that pass to the open area where his guy gets the ball and turns and scores. The same could be done in the endzone, especially with a WR like Moss and this is far simpler than basketball, because WR catches the ball, stays in-bounds and it's counted as a TD.

I hope we'll see these types of plays with Smith to Moss and if not perhaps with some other tandem. They both need to be on the same page and once it reoccurs with some frequency, look for other teams to emulate it, after all this is a copycat league, right?

Friday, May 04, 2012

a moment of silence for #55

A moment of silence for former Chargers LB Junior Seau planned for 5/5 at 5:55 PST.

A Loss Hits Home

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sporting News Conference Analysis 2012 Post Draft



There's a lot of draft analysis coverage on the 'net, but Sporting News broke their coverage down by 'division' (which is one my favorite points of view). I don't agree entirely with their analysis, but for the most part it's fairly sound.

My own take is that the best improvement for all divisions is the AFC North their teams are all significantly improved, and worst perhaps is either the AFC West or NFC West.

TB is perhaps the most interesting team, I'm expecting an O scheme much like SF played this past year. Conservative O (run the ball) and sound ST and D play to maximize their chances of winning. With NO numerous suspensions the writing is on the wall for at best an 8-8 year. CAR should be on the upswing except for losing their G Wharton has me second guessing them and ATL with their miserable playoff lost where the D scored 2pts (safety) and the O scored 0pts (zero) has me thinking they'll rise for bit and then fall flat again, which will bring out the questioning and self-doubt which will doom their season.

HOU rose to the top of the AFC South last year and should remain so in the forseeable future. IND and JAC need several more drafts to rise and TEN appears to be stuck in place.

If you believe in the 'loser of the super bowl curse will have a bad year the following season', then NE will not be on top which leaves either NYJ or BUF, because MIA is nowhere near to being playoff bound IMO for the AFC East. So do you believe in the strength of NYJ with a D or BUF with an O?

CHI seems to be having the best off season for the NFC North, with GB and DET not far behind, but MIN really makes you wonder if they are really trying to get out of the dog house or maybe they want to leave for a fairer city?

As far as the NFC East, they are all chasing NYG and DAL still has the wrong attitude of 'we just need one more piece to add to the puzzle', PHI kept to their strong interior lineman beliefs which should help them and WAS I don't believe really has an identity and thus will remain the cellar dweller.