Thursday, May 17, 2012

KC quandry or just not the right point of view

I was reading this article Bowe and Chiefs both have valid arguments @PFW and perhaps to most this is very sound, but I have to disagree.

Why? well if you believe in the old adage that "QB's make WR's" then you can see why Bowes numbers have come to be. It's QB Cassel that needs upgrading, not WR Bowe IMO.

Look at the class of WR's he's being compared to and look at their QB's. See the status of their QBs - they are all very good, maybe even great. Granted WR Fitzgerald does not have a good enough QB at the moment, but when he did (prior years see Warner)he was very impressive. Bowe's numbers would be even more impressive if he played with a better QB. QB Cassel at best is somewhere between average to good, when he's off (accuracy issues in my mind) KC will lose most of the time. The strength of their team is the Defense and ST, not the Offense.

Pay the man, if you want to win games, the sooner the better or let him go elsewhere and he'll be productive.

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