Monday, February 05, 2007

oops SB XLI

I liked the colt's and the over for the past two weeks, but I forgot to blog the thought. Funny how the rain, timeouts and Coach Dungy killed the total over 48. Props were really interesting, though I must admit I only thought of picking Hester to score the 1st TD ( I picked on TE Dallas Clark ).
The Bear's still have a good team, though they may need to change QB as their nucleus is very good and they are now in year 3 of their 4 year window (some will say year 2). I just thought that they've had a great D that will be just good next year, unless they find a substitute for S Mike Brown.

NO, PHI, and even WAS should be watched next season. I'd have put ARI in the mix, but they changed the coaching staff. I believe DAL and SEA will have down years next season.

My colleague Jimmy had only one loss in the post season (pick'n sides) very very good vs spread.

The AFC is still the best conference and with IND, NE, JAC and CIN should be watched. SD is still another year away. DEN is kinda in between. TEN should get a tougher schedule and may not do as well. NYJ maybe another team to watch, the draft and FA's will tell the tale.