Friday, March 15, 2013

a 2nd time for NE? a 2nd time for Manning & Co.?

Years ago, 2006 season to be exact, NE let their beloved kicker Vinatieri leave and he joined the IND Colts  w/Manning and Co. where upon they won the 2006 Super Bowl. The IND D that year was the best it had seen before and since.

Fast track to 2013 season and NE has let go the beloved WR Welker to DEN where Manning and Co. are residing. We are seeing DEN D being built up as well this off season of 2013. Will we see another Super Bowl championship in DEN?

Time will tell the tale, hopefully I can remember this post and refer to it later.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 Free agency has begun

One of my favorite free agency trackers is on

I prefer to sort by team, old team - do capture than by new team do capture.

Here's a link for the official NFL FA list

Some of the early surprises to me was the NYJ cutting of NT Pouha and DE DeVito, I guess they'll pick up some rookies or are they really looking at free agents?

BAL trade of WR Boldin to SF, I guess BAL will not win the SB for this upcoming season and so the trend continues. SF is a serious contender again for this upcoming season, though I did notice TE Delanie Walker has signed w/TEN.

BAL let DE/LB Kruger sign elsewhere (CLE), but I wished they had kept him.

KC will win more games this upcoming season, things are clicking w/Reid as HC.

I might just keep updating this with thoughts or something later or perhaps nothing more, until June/July...

Friday, March 01, 2013

the 1st chip has been played..

Arthur Arkush over at PFW hits it on the head, SF should do well, we'll wonder about the rest...

PHIs loss is KCs gain in Andy Reid and this considerable staff. KC will be better, the draft will hint at how much better, then it's on to OTCs, TC and preseason. Barring injuries, KC should be in the upper half of the AFC, their D is underrated by many, their O should be awakened by Andy & Co.

The lower half of the AFC should include BUF, NYJ, CLE, TEN, JAC, SD, OAK and here's a thought... IND. Why IND? w/OC/acting HC Arians moving on to ARI, I think a regression will occur. I could pick on CIN or even MIA, but CIN has more to work with as far as personnel especially on D, they do however play against the AFC North rivals of BAL, PIT and CLE, which is perhaps the toughest AFC division.
MIA also has much better players on D than IND and appear to have continuity on O which is the same as CIN, thus though IND went to the playoffs this past season, I expect a regression to occur for this upcoming season. IND may prove me wrong and do better than KC with their W/L record, but we'll need to wait and see... right?

On the other hand history does have a way of repeating itself and CHFF has an article on KC and their history of QB's see

So will the funk hit KC and their next QB? Time will tell...