Friday, February 22, 2013

Point of View - Bill Walsh '97 edition,

This first link goes on about the lack of organizations taking a chance on a player due to "In this era of the salary cap, free agency and only seven rounds of picks, there is no room for taking chances. No gambles. No projects."

The second link has more links to the ideal position players, and of note he predicts California TE Tony Gonzalez will be a great TE, and we all got to watch his soon to be Hall of Fame career.

Comment -
I'm wondering about xBoise St QB Kellen Moore, he seems to have a lot of Montana, but he maybe held back because Stafford has superior arm strength, and the coaches seem to want to develop Stafford more as a QB. Moore IMO just has better instincts, he doesn't have the greatest arm, but he does have accuracy and timing. So I maybe a bit biased after watching him beat up on the his WAC opponents year after year, but he also did it against the SEC and BIG 12 opponents when he had a chance to do so.
Sadly scouts see Boise St as a gimmick offense or as a system offense, not as a great offense with wonderful coaching and astute play calling.
SEC teams for the most part out recruit all other leagues and teams. Very few teams have their type of depth or have been able to sustain their dominance for a decade. So the SEC really wins with their players, not with superior coaching IMO and when they notice a superior coach they recruit them as well ala xFlorida Head Coach Urban Meyer who is now with Ohio St.

well we'll see if I'm prophetic....

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