Sunday, February 03, 2013

2012 - week 21 & 22, Pro Bowl & Super Bowl 47 - results

ouch no over for the Pro Bowl and the NFC won handily

BAL took advantage of SF turnovers and penalties to lead 21-6 @half. An opening kickoff returned for a TD by BAL and then a game delay of 35 minutes (due to power outage to half of stadium) during first series for SF still does not change the game as BAL played looser (is that a word). The over still appears to be on track, but clearly BAL will win the Super Bowl.

Update: Q4 curious last series, SF 1st and goal to go (7 yards to end zone) and calls three pass plays (after initial run), true the officiating appears to be blind to a pass interference, but SF OL was moving BAL DL and BAL DT Ngata was out of game at end of Q3. Three running plays why not? instead trying to squeeze the ball via the pass, huh?

Still an exciting Q3 and Q4 as after the first half I really thought SF was done.

So 0-2 Pro Bowl, 1-1 Super Bowl, the total was never in doubt after Q1

final thoughts:
BAL ST clearly out performed SF ST from a kickoff returned for a TD, to kick offs that were end zoners or out of the end zone. SF ST K Akers leg strength clearly waned as the game went on allowing for BAL to return the ball. BAL punter had a deliberate safety AND took off 8 secs of the final 12 secs of game. BAL only blemish was a failure to convert on a fake field goal ending up up about a yard short. SF ST only saving grace was punter Andy Lee was a near wash w/BAL punter Koch.

Teams will be picking on SF CB Culliver and Safety Whitner for their untimely coverage

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