Tuesday, January 29, 2013

officials questioning officials

Yahoo has a recent article regarding the selection of officiating crew for the Super Bowl. see http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/nfl--officials-question-nfl-s-process-for-selecting-super-bowl-referee-145832403.html

I originally picked this up from SI see http://tracking.si.com/2013/01/25/officials-question-nfl-super-bowl-referee/?sct=obnetwork

I think transparency is the issue, years ago, I had posted a question on a officiating/referees forum requesting why doesn't the league (NFL) announce officiating crews before the game?
I was bombarded with tirades of secrecy for the protection of officials and on and on, yet as a fan I want as unbiased officiating crew as possible to officiate a game.

My reasoning at the time is that I had become aware of tendencies that were being tracked by the baseball regarding umpires. Tendencies such as W-L records for home teams, Total Runs scored, number of strikes called, these would give an edge to the informed bettor as far taking into account the umpire and their crew for that game. The MLB does announce before hand who their officiating crew will be, but the NFL has yet to institute that policy for the season. Though we have seen it for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

You can track the "white hat" for each game in the official .pdf available for download within the game center for each game on nfl.com, but this would be an after the game is done. You could then build up a tendencies database for officiating, but this would be of little use unless you knew who was the officiating crew prior to the game. Here's where transparency would be of great use. White hats are aware of their being graded and need the transparency from their graders of why such and such grade or penalty occurred. The retractions of grades and penalties needs to be explained as well and this transparency should also continue into the announcement of officiating crews prior to the game.

This would be for the good of the game, fairness is always an issue when clouds emerge and right now officials and their officiating are very murky at this time. Their seems to be multiple layers of veils and the fans and players as well as officials deserve much more clarity regarding officiating.

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