Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NFL 2012 ST ranking by Dallas News

Here's the link http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/columnists/rick-gosselin/20130120-nfl-special-teams-rankings-one-cowboy-is-a-hero.ece

For the most part I do like the ranking, I just find some of them misleading. Take for instance ARI is ranked #1 with most punts inside the 20yrd line. And why not? Their offense was miserable this season a much more effective ranking would be to divide # of punts inside the 20 divided by total punts to get a percentage of punts that were inside of the 20yd line.

Other notables:
KC which ended up ranked #23 has hired ST guru Dave Toub for this upcoming 2013 season
KC will be on an upward trend for ST

CHI loss Toub, but gained ST coach Joe DeCamillis
CHI will hopefully remain about the same next year, say #10

DAL loss DeCamillis, but gained ???
DAL at this time, I can't say much, but if they don't improve they'll be worst than this years rank of #17

DET smartly let go ST coach Danny Crossman, but guess who hired him? BUF did!
Seems really inane of BUF to do so, probably better to hire someone from college ranks, sigh, or at least keep coach DeHaven, so I expect a big fall from their #8 ranking of this 2012 season.

Who did DET hire? again still an unknown, but they should go up as they ranked #30 for 2012 (I'm just thinking it's more likely they rise in the rankings than fall)

more to follow, need to deal with a virus after googling buffalo 'special teams' and opening windows from a buffalo news site and wikipedia, one of them is spreading this infection, which ms defender caught

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