Monday, January 14, 2013

2012 - week 19 - results

All four games were OVER the total, the favorite was 3-1 SU (DEN loss) 2-2 ATS (DEN and ATL did not cover spread). My revised Super Bowl participants are now SF and NE.

The early games on Saturday and Sunday were worth watching, though on Sunday SEA HC Carrol makes a mistake by losing the ball on downs instead of kicking the FG, but ATL lets SEA back into the game with QB Ryan second interception of the game. Game notes below:


BAL wins a great game, DEN gets two ST TDs, a punt return and a kick return, BAL scores 2TDs after TO's by DEN QB Manning. At the end of regulation the game is tied 35-35, snow begins to fall as the temperature has continued to fall throughout the game and in the 2nd OT BAL scores a FG after getting another interception off of Manning and this one was Mannings fault. First interception could be placed on WR catching ability. BAL O played really well scoring 3TDs to the right side of field with WR Smith burning CB Bailey. DEN ST played really well, DEN D was suspect at times and their O wasn't given enough chances or wasn't trusted
Here's a view from

There were some curious officiating calls going against both teams

Hmmmmm.... "The Mile High Miracle", who've thought BAL could overcome all their late season woes and the greatness that Manning & Co. represented? This was perhaps the best D that Manning has ever been paired with, but clearly the secondary had issues in this game. BAL QB Flacco had 3TDs on the right side of the field all long throws.


SF QB Kaepernick gives up an interception returned for a TD early in the game, but recovers and delivers strikes to his WR's to win the game going away from the 3rd quarter.

GB muffed punt Q2, great field postion 11:43, SF scores TD pass to Crabtree
ties 14-14
Rodgers throws a mistake, SF starts just over mid-field
Rodgers-Jones hot pass 20+yd ties 21-21
SF gains edge with FG just before half 24-21
At the half, Rodgers and Co. are making more mistakes than SF
SF takes game over and GB just doesn't have enough, game is over by end of 3rd Q, though score is still close, GB intensity along OL and DL just isn't as much as SF.


After opening game jitters, ATL settles down gets a 13-0 lead, then SEA Carroll goes for it on 4th down instead of settling for the FG, SEA turns ball over on downs ATL uses momentum and marches down the field, scores with a 20-0 lead 4:16 left in the game and effectively the game is over. SEA w/o DE Clemons just can't stop run consistently. SEA secondary does play well, but the D seems to lose faith and ATL continues fairly sound play calling, though I wouldn't pick on CB Sherman, ATL does continue to have big gains with running plays. SEA killed itself with fumble and no score in last 2 min of half.

ATL QB Ryan has an early Q1 int, but Q4 int w/11:04 to go is a curious choice by Ryan. SEA scores brings game to 21-27. ATL goes 3 and out. SEA punts ATL punts, SEA moves ball, 12 men on field D penalty puts on ball on two yd line, 34 sec left, Lynch scores TD, PAT good 28-27.
ATL w/25 sec two passes gets them to the 30yd line, FG wins game 28-30, 8sec left, squib 6sec left
46yd, 2sec, hail mary intercepted. ATL closes game out, but its so close, too conservative with play calling in the 2nd half for me by ATL. ATL seem to lack a true killer instinct or that ability to put another team away, coaching??


NE TE Gronkowski Q1 re-injured arm, seems to be the only significant note for this game. NE came out running plays fast (and adjusted very well after losing both RB Woodhead and TE early in Q1), HOU just couldn't keep up, they did play a lot better in Q1 (than prior game), but Q2 and Q3 were clearly NE. NE stretched their lead to 38-13 in Q4, NE plays alot of man with CB Talib on the field, once NE got the lead the game was over.

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