Sunday, January 27, 2013

Harbaugh I, Bros Bowl I, HarBowl I

NFL films has a short clip, that's very interesting to watch

The game was also a Thursday night game @BAL, which BAL won 16-6 (think crossing 3 time zones and short week to prep, I'll assume they flew on Wed, I've done the cross country trip and the next morning you're tired if you need to get up early, I always had difficulty going to sleep, by the end of the week I was okay, but that first day is usually tiring)

You do see SF QB Smith missing out on taking a shot over BAL FS Reed to SF TE Walker.

There's also the penalties for a chop block by RB Gore and pass interference on CB Brown.

You also see BAL DL scheme really well vs SF OL on the right side, which allows a sack.

SF QB Smith to WR Edwards just not in synch, while BAL D gets inside position and interception.

This should serve as motivation for SF in the Super Bowl, they know they can be beaten by BAL. This could be a bit of over confidence for BAL since they already have a win over SF.

There's no home field advantage for the second clash between Harbaugh teams as well as body clock adjustment. BAL will be on an emo high w/MLB Lewis and potentially more BAL players in their twilight years. SF as well has a players where this could be their last game as well. Since it's the Super Bowl, both teams will be on a high, just who will come down first? Or make the first crucial error?

This should be a good game and I'm hoping for a great game.

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