Wednesday, January 16, 2013

hear yea, hear all,

I couldn't have said it or written any better (I'm just okay at writing), Arthur Arkush and his 60 second rant (which in this case isn't a rant at all) on IND owner Jim Irsay and how it's worked out this year for the 'colts

1/17 update:
here's an interview (1/14) w/Ault (father of the pistol offense, retired 2012) and his former QB Kaepernick
some nice insights from an innovative mind. I noted the difference in O's w/Chip Kelly, I guess next year with PHI we'll see more run sweeps and then play action, maybe?...

and while we're on the subject of Chip Kelly, a nice little prediction at on the raw materials of his up tempo O

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