Friday, January 18, 2013

ahem - end of season hiring - or yea! nay! wtf?

The good:
Let's go with the good news first, KC fans will be happy in the coming seasons. The staff being assembled is a proven commodity.

update 1/19
CLE is another unknown, they need more talent, appears to be good staff hires, but the draft will really tell the tale. They'll probably need at least two to three years beat highly competitive in their division

The bad:
I can't say the same for the staff with CHI, looks like bad O, with D and ST to carry the team, but I think ST will decline with the departure of Toub and the D is on the descent not ascent...  so next season will be crummy for bears fans

It doesn't look much better for BUF either, they picked up Crossman to coach ST again after last years season in DET, they were pathetic, allowing TDs and way too many yards. BUF has blinders on, this movement of the Syracuse staff to BUF maybe great for the coaching families, but not for the fans, who will suffer again.

The unknown (to be updated):
PHI is an unknown, lots of talent, can Kelly get them to gel quickly on O? and he needs a DC. I think they have some cap issues as well

JAC recent hire of Bradley is a bit curious as they suffer on O, but if he can solidy the D and get their ground game going again, they have a chance. Guess they'll be rebuilding for a couple of years at least

SD, I'm sitting on the fence at this time only the GM HC and OC hired so far. There is talent, just will they respond with new coaching staff?

ARI, again another late hiring with Arians, will he be able to build a decent staff in time? I'll admit I'm leaning toward good, but they let DC Ray Horton go to CLE, I guess they thought he would stay, ARI loss is CLE gain. Still they have some really good D players, would make who ever becomes their DC an easier job, than redoing/rebuilding

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