Friday, January 24, 2014

A keeper - Franchise Season Plots (Advanced NFL Stats)

Here's a link to an article from Advanced NFL Stats, reviewing their Franchise Season Plots . see
and here's a link that goes straight to plots

The plotted graph by years for O and D does take getting used to as a view, but the separate line graphs for each teams Offense and Defense are much easier to understand.

For me, I would like to see below each year - Head Coach (HC), Offensive Coordinator (OC) and Defensive Coordinator (DC), instead of relying on my memory. Of course, others would like to see key player arrivals-departures or even injuries, but that my be a bit subjective for each team as well as very time consuming. HC, OC and DC shouldn't be too hard to include, with an asterisk for teams that fired HC, OC or DC during that season.

SEA D this year may be the most dominant we've seen in years to play in the Superbowl, but that doesn't mean the team with the 'lesser' regular season defensive stats can't win. These past two years winners, BAL and NYG didn't have the best regular season, but did have great playoff runs. Of course it would be nice to see this in a graph for each team in the playoffs, but again it may take considerable time.

Still this visualization tool, could become a good predictor for next season, you just need to add in "moves, adds, and changes" for each team's HC, OC, DC and 'key' players to come up with a 'predictor'. Highly time consuming, but it may prove to be invaluable for the season totals bettors aka season wins-losses. Each year the sportsbooks put out their projected W-L records (adding or subtracting in half a game just to ensure a win or loss for the bettor and sportsbook) and their are always some numbers that by instinctive picking appear to be too high or too low and if you're willing to wait for a five-six month investment to cash, this can be highly lucrative.

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