Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 - week 20 - results

NE @DEN, CBS, as I suspected the game, did not go over the total as NE had a tough time running the ball on DEN D and DEN O was much more efficient than NE O. DEN ST were a bit fortunate, it was a bit curious to me w/WR Decker returning punts and not Holliday, who though has fumbling issues at times, I still think would be better than Decker. DEN lost their best CB in Q1 and NE their best CB in Q2, but the teams both stuck to their running game and thus the total never had a chance of going over. The ending score was closer than I thought it would be as I thought DEN would end the game w/a 3 score lead. During the game they did have a 3 score lead, but NE rallied a bit and DEN O sputtered in the second half. DEN wins ATS and the winning total is UNDER.
Peyton looks determined as confetti rains down from AFC Championship presentation/celebration.

SF @SEA, FOX, and we got fireworks from the get go (1st play on 1st drive), SF D gets the TO, with a sack, strip, fumble recovery by OLB Smith. SEA D holds and forces a FG. SF ST gets great punt coverage and downs the ball on the 1 yd line. SEA run O comes to life and gets help from officiating w/penalty on SF D, though it was a clean hit by SF S Whitner on SEA TE Willson.  A make up call? SEA OL holding.... SF Bowman gets a sack, add another one for SF D Q1 is over SF leads 3-0.
Q2, SF ST gets lucky recovering a muffed punt by RB James, huge hit by SEA WR Lockette. Costly TD for SF? All Pro Guard Iupati injured (Lknee?). Q2 SF leads 10-0 and at the half SF up 10-3.
Q3 opens up w/SF O and SEA D controls them. SEA RB Lynch gets a big run and TD from 40 yds out. Game is tied 10-10. SF get's big plays from their QB and WR to gain the lead w/a TD, SF up 17-10. SEA ST WR Baldwin huge return, but SEA O bogs down and settles for a FG, score SEA 13-17. SEA D plays inspired and SF O goes 3 and out. SF seems to be a bit luckier than SEA in this game. Officiating is average at best, too many mistakes (they miss a roughing the kicker penalty for 15 yds and 1st down for SF). Q4 begins w/SEA curious non-FG try and waste a timeout, but SEA O gets a TD on 4th down w/huge TD pass and take the lead 20-17. SF QB Kaepernick fumbles and SEA recovers on 10 yd line. SF LB Bowman recovers ball, gets injured (left knee) and officials give the ball to SEA, OUCH! another officiating mistake. SEA goes for it on 4th down, but the beast (Lynch) fumbles and SF gets the balls on the 15 yd line. SF Kaepernick throws an interception, game over? SEA scores a FG extending lead 23-17. Last chance for SF? they go for it on 4th down and get the 1st down. 2 min warning, but again Kapernick causes another TO and SEA gets the win. No love lost between these teams, SEA CB Sherman is talking angry about SF WR Crabtree after sealing  game with a batted ball which his team mate recovers in the end zone. Whew.... what a game....  SEA covers and OVER the total wins (note, later in the week the total climbs to 40, so you may have had a push [a tie] for totals).
Key SF personnel injuries really affected them and SEA was fortunate not to have any as well as officiating going their way at times.

I end up 1-1 ATS and 0-2 for totals, not really good at all this weekend. On to DEN vs SEA in the Super Bowl XVLIII (48). Playoff records 6-3-1 ATS and 7-3 totals which is not bad at all.

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