Sunday, January 26, 2014

Total (Over/Under) Season Wins - results

Checking back on preseason posts, I thought it might be nice to see how I did with Total Season Over/Under Wins for 2013. The prior post can be seen here:

I did fairly well, mostly even in the AFC with the exception of the AFC North where I picked all correct. As for the NFC I was either great (NFC North 4-0, West 3-1) or I sucked (NFC East 0-4, South 1-3).
So for the AFC I ended up 10-6 and the NFC 8-8, overall 18-14, a money making investment over the season for picking total wins.

You'll notice in my early season post, that I didn't pick either Over or Under for STL. I did make a note that I thought it was just right, but I should have made a notation of 'no pick' or 'even', thus no bets on STL total season wins. Thus my overall record could be viewed as 17-14 since no bets were made on STL.

I also should have kept my pick for DAL as Under instead I changed to Over. First instincts are often correct.

Biggest disappointments: HOU, ATL, TB
Biggest surprises: CAR, ARI, KC, PHI

AFC East line pick actual result
BUF  6½ Under 6-10 WIN
MIA  7½ Over 8-8 WIN
NE  11½ Under 12-4 LOSS
NYJ  6½ Under 8-8 LOSS

AFC North
BAL  8½ Under 8-8 WIN
CIN  8½ Over 11-5 WIN
CLE  6 Under 4-12 WIN
PIT  9 Under 8-8 WIN
AFC South
HOU  10½ Over 2-14 LOSS
IND  8½ Over 11-5 WIN
JAC  5 Under 4-12 WIN
TEN  6½ Under 7-9 LOSS

AFC West
DEN  11½ Under 13-3 LOSS
KC  7 Over 11-5 WIN
OAK  5½ Under 4-12 WIN
SD  7½ Under 10-6 LOSS

NFC East line pick actual result
DAL  8½ Over 8-8 LOSS
NYG  9 Over 7-9 WIN
PHI  7 Under 10-6 LOSS
WAS  8½ Over 3-13 LOSS

NFC North
CHI  8½ Under 8-8 WIN
DET  7½ Under 7-9 WIN
GB  10½ Under 8-7-1 LOSS
MIN  7½ Under 5-10-1 WIN

NFC South
ATL  10 Over 4-12 LOSS
CAR  7 Under 12-4 LOSS
NO  9½ Over 11-5 WIN
TB  7½ Over 4-12 LOSS

NFC West
ARI  5½ Over 10-6 WON
SF  11½ Under 12-4 LOSS
SEA  10½ Over 13-3 WON
STL  7 Even 7-9 WON

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