Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 - week 10 - results

TNF, WAS @MIN, suspect coaching by D again (2nd game in a row, see prior game @DAL) almost cost MIN the game, but luckily suspect coaching on O by WAS already cost them the game. Seemingly in control WAS extended their half time lead to 27-14 and they went away from running the ball w/RB Morris. WAS had scored on their first 5 possessions and then proceeded to punt 3 times and end the game on downs. It seems to me WAS has an issue with finishing the game as they were in control. Interestingly enough as well in Q4 w/the game on the line and WAS driving for a TD to tie game, WAS turned almost exclusively to RB Helu, instead of RB Morris.

CIN @BAL, BAL D dominates CIN O for most of the game, though CIN does tie the game and send into OT, it almost seemed as if both teams were going thru the motions or maybe this just wasn't an interesting game.

CAR @SF, CAR D keeps them in the game, CAR O grabs the one chance it had to score a TD and SF FG's just don't cut it as this was a good upset for CAR, though notably SF players were injured during game

DEN @SD, SD D did all it could but it wasn't enough, they just don't have the 'horses' to compete w/the Broncos, that and you must score TD's vs DEN, FG's just won't cut it

SNF, DAL @NO, DAL had several players injured during game, and NO DC Ryan had a great game plan to contain Romo and Co. DAL D just had no answers for Breezy and the boys, that middle parted like the Red Sea.

Again another .500 weekend ATS and just above .500 for totals. And so I inch my way back up to .500 respectability. The surprises for me (or those that I picked Loss [ATS] and Loss [Total])

OAK @NYG, OAK made more of a game than I expected or w/NYG D I may still be thinking they are better than they show. NYG did win SU, but not ATS

JAC @TEN, now I was about to take the pts, but I decided that if JAC was to get off their 0-fer, it would be at home. As for the game TEN QB Locker was injured and QB Fitzpatrick sub'd which was probably the biggest factor for JAC winning, besides playing keep away w/a running game.

HOU @ARI, again I expected more out of HOU O, QB Keenum is playing very well for his third game, but again in the 2nd half (for the third game in a row) HOU has a D that lets you drive and an O that can't move the ball. So is it the players? the playcalling? or a combination of both?

2013 - week 10 - results

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