Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 - week 11 - results

TNF, IND @TEN, and again IND plays better on the road than at home. I ended up w/a push for the game and it went far over instead of under the total. TEN came out dominating w/a really good run O and led 14-0. IND made the right move w/subbing in RB Brown and officially RB Richardson should be labelled a bust (or at least for this season). It seems to me the refs were a bit in favor of IND w/a phantom 1st down on a IND QB Luck sneak. TEN also went away from running w/RB CJ which was curious IMO. IND seems to take control from Q2 even though TEN led 17-6. Q3 and the dam breaks as IND scores 17pts and TEN has no real answers. TEN needs to learn to continue to play keep away from a smart QB like Luck. I lay this on the lap of TEN OC far more than their DC. ST could get better, but all in all IND got another win after a loss. Impressive streak from last year.

I had a headache all Sunday, here's what I recall:
WAS @PHI, not much of a game, PHI dominates and TV broadcasters cut over to DET @PIT, WAS makes a Q4 comeback, but it's the too little too late variety

DET @PIT, the PIT ST punter had an outstanding game, gaining 10 yards on the opposition and sure enough, PIT gets the win and DET seems to have issues on the road

SD @MIA, officiating in Q1 was highly questionable and favoring MIA IMO. Too much for SD to overcome with their own issues. MIA gets the much needed win

SNF, KC @DEN, DEN gets an early 10-0 lead and never looks back. KC D plays as well as you can vs Peyton and ST does it's job. It's KC O that suffered, WRs had too many drops and just weren't in sync w/QB. KC OL had issues at times as well.

The surprise of the weekend is the road win by OAK, totally unexpected w/a rookie QB starting his first game. HOU unexpectingly also subs QB Schaub in Q4 for QB Keenum, really odd move by coaching staff IMO and OAK D did really well as well as run O and pass O.

I should've gone with the division series split for NYJ/BUF and CLE/CIN.

As for the weekend a sub .500 ATS and above .500 for totals

I also noticed all teams going into a bye week won and all teams coming off a bye lost. Teams w/10 days rest also lost as well.

2013 - week 11 - results

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