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2013 - week 09 - results

Happy Halloween, CIN @MIA, again for the second game in a row MIA D plays well in the first half and looks like they should win the game, and then again their opponent roars back in the 3rd/4th quarters. MIA O looks ineffective. CIN O TO's are keeping this game close.
This looks like an angle to exploit w/MIA for first and second half bets.
In OT, MIA D wins game w/safety by DE Cameron Wake. What a game, on all hallow's day, as another upset occurs. MIA ends 0-4 streak, CIN coming off a dominating win vs NYJ, have costly injuries to go along with loss.
Note: late injury update as CIN LT Whitworth is inactive. In game injury update Q2 CIN DT Atkins injured and does not return. Q4 RB Bernard injured does not return as well. CIN OLB Harrison injured thumb out as well.

SD @WAS, SD led at half 14-7 and seemed to be in control of game. A phantom pass interference on SD WR Allen (video replayed shows he had a yard around him and never touched DB) did not stop SD from scoring a TD, but there was also another call later in the 2nd half that was curious as well. SD QB Rivers ultimately made some passing errors IMO, my guess is pre-snap he made a decision to go to WR Allen and he wasn't open. WR Allen also had a drop when he was wide open. So SD O did have a large share of the blame in the second half for their loss on the road to WAS. Why did SD O go to RB Woodhead inside of the 1 yard line, RB Mathews was used on the next play but it was up the middle, he could beat an edge player w/size. SD appear to try 'sneaking' RB Woodhead thru, they should've gone to TE Gates, who can clearly gain position. REALLY ODD playcalling by SD O.

MIN @DAL, MIN QB Ponder had his best game of the season, DAL seems to play to the level of their competition. DAL won SU, but did not cover ATS and could(should?) have lost the game. MIN D play calling at end of game, most likely cost them the game, prevent D allowed Romo and Co to drive the length of the field and win the game. Even MIN D players called out their DC on prevent D of rushing 3 (instead of 4).

PIT @NE, two teams w/issues ending up with a high scoring affair, I've seen this before it just didn't occur to me that it was the perfect fit for these teams. One desperate for a win (PIT) and the other seemingly winning with smoke and mirrors at times with a recently decimated D (NE) due to injuries. NE pass O has improved especially w/TE 'Gronk' appearing to be back in 'form'

IND @HOU, HOU again very good in the first half w/QB Keenum (looked like a playoff team) and really ineffective in the 2nd half. Though part of the O's woes should be placed on their kicker missing 3 of 4 FG's. IND won by 3 on the road, but HOU play calling or the absence of head coach Kubiak due to his collapse at half time really affected the team. Consider IND really lucky to win this game, they had no real O w/o WR Wayne and came back from 18pts to win vs a distracted team (loss of focus).

All in all, it was a Hell -o'ween for some teams, with some huge routs (PHI @OAK, PHI QB Foles 3rd start 7TD ties NFL record) and unexpected outcomes (NO @NYJ, Ryan Bowl V and Rex is 5-0 vs bro, NO O was thought to be the better team and NYJ alternating WL record, came thru w/another W after a L). Unnoticed maybe is the TB @SEA game won in OT by SEA (3rd OT of the weekend) w/TB QB Glennon also having the best game of his rookie season. TB could've won, SEA a bit lucky. KC D is playing outstanding outscoring KC O and BUF O. BUF D and run O against most other teams would've won game.

MNF update, GB QB Rodgers Q1 injury and is all lost? not quite as CHI D gives up two long TD runs to GB. On short notice GB Wallace did not do as well as CHI QB McCown did in when coming in for CHI QB Cutler in their last game two weeks ago. CHI D played inspired, but faltered here and there. CHI as a team played well overall and the rivalry is on. GB injury to QB Rodgers looms big.

After a good WL ATS record last week, I went in the exact opposite direction this weekend.
A lot of totals won with OVER, 10-2 pending the outcome of MNF (10-3 w/MNF game).
I ended up below .500 ATS and Totals, a hell-o-ween...

2013 - week 09 - results

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