Tuesday, October 08, 2013

2013 - week 5 - results

BUF @CLE, great start for BUF, poor play on ST, O and D by CLE. 2nd drive for CLE and QB Hoyer is injured (Rknee). QB Weeden subs somehow CLE gets their running O to go. Q3 BUF QB Manuel is injured (Rknee), BUF QB Tuel subs, continuing the drive BUF scores a TD and takes a 24-17 lead. So with the battle of the backup QB going on, who would have thought the total would go way OVER 41.5? 24-37  = 61 total pts. Great finish by CLE. In the post interview, you hear from QB Weeden that he had no reps for the past two weeks, so this really explains the slow start. If you followed the game coverage via nfl.com the well respected analysts did pan Weeden for his lack of speed in processing coverage and quickly throwing the ball to the correct receiver on time. But if you did notice, Weeden improved during the game, which could also be attributed to play calling as well. A heavy dose of McGahee was part of the winning formula, along w/ST and D that played better after a slow start. This team is among the 3 youngest in the NFL, they appear to have lots of room for growth. Tuel time was not to be.

NE @CIN, Q4 rain deluge from the heavens ends NE, a defensive battle from the start. CIN does finally have some big plays in 2nd half and found a way to win, a young team growing. NE is the old warrior, that's trying to re-tool in season.

NO @CHI, not much of a game, NO D dominates and NO O finds enough answers to consistently score. CHI O couldn't find answers and their D played tough w/o DT Melton.

BAL @MIA, Q4 look-in, just confirms BAL DL controls MIA OL.

DET @GB, DET WR C Johnson out, but they had him listed as questionable (knee) so DET played the game w/o WR #1 and #2, If I had known I would never pick DET. Really disappointing for me, I need a more reliable source of information on who starts

DEN @DAL, except for the one punt by DAL, just like Arena football, teams score or give up the ball on a turnover or downs. DAL played far better than I thought they would on O. DEN O is just amazing to watch.

HOU @SF, HOU QB Schaub... has an interception returned for a TD for four consecutive game a dubious record? HOU O can move the ball on the ground and their D is fierce, but SF trampled them, bigger OL, smarter D

2nd Quarter of the season has begun and it looks like for week 5 I'll be at .500 ATS and below .500 for weekly totals.
Note: I had errors for season totals with weeks 3 and 4, this has been corrected for week 5 and is highlighted.

2013 - week 05 - results

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