Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 - week 06 - results

NYG @CHI, NYG QB Manning just an awful start, though he did get better, but the damage was done, NYG played w/heart, but CHI played w/much more confidence, though this could be a costly win w/LBx2 inj'd.

GB @BAL, it's very unfortunate for GB to lose 2 of their top 3 WR to injuries during the game. A hidden factor is PR/KR (Cobb - looks like right knee). Will return game hold up? WR James Jones was their #1 WR IMO. DL's for both teams are playing well. The big issue appears to be play calling for BAL. If the run isn't working look for the other stuff (dink, dunk game). Why? O' Why? did BAL go for it on 4th down, just tie the game w/a FG. BAL QB Flacco to WR's are out of sync.

PIT @NYJ, I thought NYJ miscues (penalties) would be their undoing. NYJ DL is playing very well, on O they do get some plays, making for close drives that start to bog down once they cross the 50. You would think they could get into FG range. NYJ OL is also holding up fairly well. Again play calling or having that  'go to' guy seems to be missing from their offense. PIT has the lead at the half, but it's close, clearly NYJ is on the rise, but PIT experience seems to be holding them off, enough to get the rare road win.

NO @NE, a bit unusual as NO play calling wasn't up to snuff, it was as if they second guess'd themselves into a loss. A game that NE QB Brady snatched from the jaws of defeat. Lucky in some ways especially w/NO D getting two stops in the last two minutes, only to be one upped by NE D which made NO O go 3-and-out twice in the same span.

So I ended up below .500 ATS and right at .500 for totals (due to push). The lucky teams on the road last week (ARI and IND) lost on the road this weekend. I think the tragic end of MIN RB Peterson 2yr old son did affect him as well as the team. BUF QB Lewis came up big in Q4, though prior to rally, CIN led 24-10.
DET WR Johnson did play, though was mostly a decoy IMO and why did CLE continue to use a safety/CB combo to cover in the 2nd half? I'd say NE was lucky at home, perhaps they'll be unlucky next week.

2013 - week 06 - results

I also noticed (belatedly) that the AFC South all lost 0-4 SU, but were 2-2 ATS

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