Tuesday, October 01, 2013

2013 - week 04 - results

SF @STL, I had expected TE Davis not to play as well as G Iupati, they each were very important for SF O and their drives for TDs. On a short week SF came together and got the difficult road win, w/LB's Willis and Smith out. SF RB Gore really controlled the game, guess I should pay more attention to when he says he wants the ball more and that they didn't run the ball enough w/their last game vs IND. STL played tough at first but then fell flat, that emo high didn't last long enough. STL injuries didn't help and SF D stuffed their run game. Key play, - SF 3rd and 10, around mid field, mid Q2, completion to WR Boldin and SF seems to be in control (SF goes on to score TD) especially w/STL run O AND run D sputtering.

Hmmm, PIT arrives in Wembley on a 48hr schedule instead of the 4 day schedule MIN chose? Advantage MIN? yep and MIN OL and DL played so much better than the past few games this season. Another former NE backup QB does well (Cassel, CLE QB Hoyer is winning at the moment).

CHI @DET, wow DET starts out w/3FG's and turns it around on TO's. CHI QB Cutler has 3 TO's any more? DET RB not bad game, would be a lot better if he didn't fumble, but he's gaining yds and scoring TD's. DET broke it open in Q2.

PHI @DEN, yep it doesn't appear any team can keep up w/Manning and Co.

NE @ATL, fairly tight, but again a curious play call, ATL goes for it on 4th down instead of kicking FG in Q1? (I think), NE pulls away and ATL gets another "L". It's as if ATL hasn't found an indentity on offense, but apparently NE knows how to stop ATL from 'going to the well' by doubling team TE Gonzalez on the LoS (line of scrimmage) great in-game adjustment by NE during Q4.

Overall another .500 day ATS, but really well for totals, approx 2/3 correct or 66% correct

2013 - week 04 - results

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