Tuesday, October 15, 2013

GRID - 2013 - week 07

GRID - 2013 - week 07

I'm really conflicted w/CAR and NE is a bit too high IMO as I think they've reached their ceiling for the season.

CAR has played w/the most conflicting of results and 'style'. Just when they seem to have got it together with a dominating home win vs NYG, the next game they lay a huge egg with a loss on the road to ARI after a bye week. Isn't 2 weeks enough time to get ready? Then the next week they seem to get lucky on the road w/another big win at MIN, yes it could be MIN as a team was distracted by the tragic loss of MIN RB Peterson's 2yr old son, so timing could be a factor.

CAR also had that week 2 game @BUF where they should have won, but loss. So far this season they have been an UP then DOWN team. Alternating this cycle each week, though W-L sequence is L L W L W, they play SEA very well in the opening game of the season. If CAR holds to form, this coming weekend, they'll lose inexplicably at home to STL .

So far this season, the GRID sorta works, but I may need to make a blob for the middle teams.
There's the good to great - 4 teams
the average team - 16 teams
the bad teams - 8 teams
and the really bad teams - 4 teams
Maybe a blob or mismash would be much better, but it might not be so easy to represent on a spreadsheet.

GB probably needs to be higher and CHI lower, but I'll wait for the season to progress, before making a change.

DET is also another 'maddening' team this year, playing to different halves during games, being penalty prone, and having a talent level that seems to be unfilled.

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