Tuesday, October 01, 2013

GRID - 2013 - week 05

I haven't been keeping up with posting my weekly GRID, but late is better than never I suppose for this.

GRID - 2013 - week 05

You'll note that I have pushed IND and TEN up much higher and have dropped HOU. It's just HOU TO's by QB Schaub are troubling. Schaub has yet to make that jump to elite, consider him good, but not great.

KC and CAR are also another notable leapers up the grid, while the NFC East is really playing so-so at best. I've also knocked down CIN, GB and SF. I've thought about flipping SD and DAL, but decided to leave it as is for now.

What maybe surprising to most is that I have BUF so high and that could be because of the way I rank teams, it doesn't correlate to a team's W-L record at the beginning of the season, but seems to do so toward the end of the season. I could switch BUF and MIA, but again I chose to leave as is and let the natural course of the season effect each team.

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