Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rookie Review and some thoughts on finishing 8-8 for the season

Kevin Fishbain of PFW writes an excellent review, not too long, not too short, just right in length and content

This is week 12 of NFL season and every team has had their bye week and played 10 games. With 6 games to go, most fans are viewing the playoff picture and the potential for their team, but what about those that are out of the running for the playoffs? How should we view them? In particular for this week is their an angle to be aware of that can produce a winner ATS?

One particular angle that will recur each week is the aim for these teams with losing records to end up 8-8 or .500 for the season.

Out of the running are the 1-9 teams JAC and KC who had their chance last week with JAC putting up a surprising performance nearly getting the upset vs division rival HOU (they appear ready for spoiler role) and KC looks like you could stick a fork in them @home vs CIN.

This week the 2-8 teams to be aware of are CLE and CAR.

CLE put up a game effort @DAL last weekend and this week at home I expect another solid effort vs division rival PIT. This year PIT is nowhere near as dominant as in past years and CLE is playing a solid D with a questionable O (their skill players aren't good enough IMO) as well as HC play calling/game mgmt "curious".  I'll take the pts @home with CLE, it just doesn't seem smart to take PIT on the road against a division rival.

CAR is @PHI and though they played well for most of the game last week @home vs division rival TB, they again had curious game management or play calling late in the game and lost their game. Their opponent this week PHI is on such a downhill roll, that I don't expect them to stop combine that with the appearance on MNF for CAR and it's hard to side with PHI (note: if PHI loses this week, they'll be 3-8 and back here in my thoughts of teams trying to finish 8-8, if CLE wins they also will be in the race to .500)

On a similar note with PHI 3-7 record are OAK and STL. OAK goes to CIN and STL goes to ARI. Just looking at QB's I'd think CIN D is ready for OAK QB Palmer due to familiarity, so CIN has an edge.
ARI rookie QB Lindley will be making his first start and due to ARI history with developing young QBs, I can only look at STL for this game.

4-6 teams this week have a chance to make playoffs so I won't be looking at them in the same light as the non-playoff teams.

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