Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2012 - week 10 - picks (includes Thursday)

11/08 8:25 PM

105 IND -3½ *
106 JAC 42½ OVER

IND needs to win this game, next wk is NE
JAC couldn't stop DET pass attack, how will they stop IND? IND gains the series split

11/11 1:00 PM
215 BUF 52½ UNDER
216 NE -11 *

I normally go for the season split, this game is at NE, 1st game was @BUF who couldn't play the 2nd half so even with a lot of pts, I just can't take BUF

11/11 1:00 PM
217 NYG -4 *
218 CIN 48½ UNDER

just thinking CIN can't cover against small numbers, I'd need at least +7.5 and NYG on the road tend to be under games this year

11/11 1:00 PM
219 SD 47½ ***OVER***
220 TB -3 *

TB on a high, not sure about taking them, but WR Vincent Jackson may be really motivated since his
prior team SD chose not to extend his contract
SD is 0-2 vs NFC South

11/11 1:00 PM
221 DEN -4 *
222 CAR 47½ under

DEN is 1-1 vs NFC South, lost to ATL, won vs NO, CAR is nowhere near either of their division rivals
CAR has played better the past two games which coincides with the firing of GM

11/11 1:00 PM
223 TEN 44½ UNDER
224 MIA -6 *

TEN Owner Bud Adams angrily puts everyone on notice after last week 20-51 loss to CHI @home "we were grossly out-coached and out-played from start to finish today"
Not a good spot for MIA, with a motivated TEN, but I'm still hesitant with +6
MIA should win SU, TEN just got by BUF for their only road win
update 11/7: TEN QB Locker to start, I still wouldn't expect them to win, he just needs more 'seasoning'

11/11 1:00 PM
225 OAK 46 under
226 BAL -7½ *

OAK so who will be RB? doesn't matter OAK isn't good on east coast see

11/11 1:00 PM
227 ATL -2½ *
228 NO 53½ OVER

NO D is the key, if they do well they win, if not they lose, I just don't think they'll do well

11/11 1:00 PM
229 DET -2½ ***
230 MIN 47 over

MIN is a one trick pony w/o WR Harvin, here we go with the series split

11/11 4:05 PM
231 NYJ 38½ UNDER
232 SEA -6½ *

what can I say? NYJ falling, SEA rising

11/11 4:25 PM
233 DAL -1 *
234 PHI 44½ under

should be a slug fest of mistakes, taking pts seems prudent, hmmmm lined moved 3pts to DAL (was +2), guess I'll give up pts
update 11/7: PHI RT IR OFY, I expect Mr 'O'lay himself to start so w/Bell starting DAL DE/LB should be able to tie up Vick & Co

11/11 4:25 PM
235 STL 38½ under
236 SF -11½ *

one sided

11/11 8:30 PM
237 HOU 41½ OVER
238 CHI -1½ *

HOU is 0-1 vs NFC North lost by 18
CHI is 3-0 vs AFC South, having won by 20,38 & 31 pts
Their are reports CHI CB Tillman maybe out of game due to expected birth of child. HOU could win this game. CHI coming off blow out win @TEN
update 11/7: HOU NT Cody inj'd ribs, punctured lung, I wouldn't expect him to play

11/12 8:40 PM
239 KC 42½ under
240 PIT -12½ *

so one sided, normally wouldn't expect PIT to be UP for this game, but it is MNF and they didn't start off well vs NYG last week. I think they'll take this out of the refs hands and pad their numbers with the TO prone Chiefs

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