Tuesday, November 06, 2012

GRID - Week - 09

I wanted to rank the teams, sort of like a power ranking, but in the end I came out with a grid of the teams playing at about or around the same level.

This makes more sense to me as I have a three tiers or levels in my grid.

1st tier/level = teams ranked 1 - 11
2nd tier/level = teams ranked 12 - 22
3rd tier/level = teams ranked 23 - 32

I've been playing with this for a couple of years and decided to share this year. This year I grouped so that their is only one team on the bottom. A year or two ago it seemed more appropriate to have more on the bottom, so I adjusted the rankings.
I hesitated placing SEA in the top 11, but until NO plays more consistently or MIA or TB pick up more big wins I'll keep them in the middle of the pack. 

We'll see if I continue to blog the "GRID"

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