Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 - week 12 Thursday picks

hmmm... can't blog all games due to no numbers for four games - PIT @CLE, MIN @CHI, SF @NO, CAR @PHI
ok so .... guessing...
PIT will start QB Batch, PIT -2.5
MIN will still be w/o WR Harvin and CHI will start QB Campbell (I think), CHI -2.5
SF will start QB Kaepernick, SF -2.5
PHI will be w/o RB McCoy and QB Vick, CAR -2.5

11/22 12:30 PM

103 HOU -3 *
104 DET 50½ under

HOU safeties & CB coverage were exposed by JAC, which is the strength of DET O, just DET D will have a tough time vs HOU O multi prong attack

DYK? since 2004, DET 0-8 SU on Thanksgiving see: http://pfref.com/tiny/rm0pW

DET benches WR Young, Is HC trying to regain control of locker room?
I'm just thinking, with such a great effort put forth by both HOU & DET in Sunday's game that this will be a "turkey" game

11/22 4:15 PM
105 WAS 48 *
106 DAL -3½ over

DAL needs to stick to short game to win, but I don't think they will
DAL tends to win on Thursdays w/o only 2 losses, since '05
I know I'm going against DAL trend, but this will be the first time for DAL to see WAS QB RGIII. I'm thinking RGIII will come out hot in first half and this time DAL won't be able to recover in 2nd half (as it did vs CLE) and win game. This should be the tightest game with DAL curious play calling and inability to adjust on the fly, instead of always seemingly to wait until the half or even into 3rd Q to go to shorter, quicker throws and screens.

11/22 8:20 PM
107 NE -6½ *
108 NYJ 48½ under

NYJ beat STL last week due to familiarity w/STL OC who was their OC. Sure NYJ is familiar w/NE as well, the difference appears to be NE even w/o TE Gronk should handle their nemesis due to their current level of play, which is so much above NYJ.
In order for NYJ to win, they will need to play keep away, but they don't have a solid running game. NEs run D this year is better and their recent addition of CB Aqib Talib makes their pass D even better. This could be a 35 - 3 game, yes a laugher.

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