Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 - week 10 - results

TEN came out swinging after owner Adams public declaration that his team stunk

NYG still seems to be in a funk

MIN is the biggest surprise for me, without WR Harvin, I'd thought they be junk

NO brings ATL to earth

what's wrong with the ref's in the STL @SF game??

HOU played really disciplined in sloppy conditions of soldier field, that constant rain, wet, slippery condition, I gave CHI the edge, BUT I was proven wrong by a team with a lot of focus

What do starting QB's from PHI, SF and CHI have in common? They all have concussions from their weekends game and their team did not win, though SF did tie their game.

Broke even on totals, under .500 for sides....  did you notice not a single double digit spread covered? NE, SF and PIT all at home with a division rival or desperate team that played a tight game

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