Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 - week 12 - results

All the home teams lost on Thanksgiving, what a bunch of turkeys, lol, really one sided except for DET, who again couldn't help but make mistakes, they should win next week

wow, HOU @DET, a rule I never knew where a penalty will negate the review of a TD. If a play is challenged and cannot be contested, a penalty will be enforced. Enforcing the penalty will supercede the review of a TD and allow the TD to count.

The referees are correct IMO on not whistling the play dead in the 3rd Q where RB Forsett appears to be down on TV review, but during the play itself, the referees did not see his forearm/elbow on the turf. So Forsett scores a TD and normally it would have been reviewed as all TDs are reviewed, but DET HC Schwartz challenges the play with his flag tossing and incurs a penalty (because TDs cannot be challenged and if they are challenged then the challenging team will be penalized). IF he had not thrown the flag, the TD would have been ruled nil and play would have resumed where RB Forsett had gone down w/his forearm/elbow.

here's an official nfl link http://nflcommunications.com/2012/11/22/rule-explanation-from-houston-detroit-game/

notables: HOU D, LB Reed out Q1 due to groin injury, HOU 2ndary is again torched for the 2nd week in a row. DET QB Stafford is just tossing it for grabs to WR Megatron. DET is playing on an emotional high.
HOU D tackling is an issue

WAS is blowing out DAL a the half 28-3, but Joe Buck Jr, believes in DAL w/statements like they're (DAL) within 3scores. LOL game is not even close, only DAL D makes it interesting w/hits on WAS QB Griffen. DAL DE?LB Ware makes a huge hit on WAS QB Griffen

notables: DAL LB Carter out Q4 due to inj (unknown)

I wish the announcers would notice that WR's that are coming out of college spread O are doing well.
WRs that came out of Hawaii when June Jones was coach and now coaching @SMU do well in the nfl.
The same can be said for WR out of Texas Tech when Mike Leach was coach, though we'll need a few years before we'll see a WR from Wash St as he just began coaching there. OK St is also another hot bed where WR's should be looked at closely. These WR route running adjustments to what the D does is what makes the spread O go, maybe we'll see one out of Oregon and their prolific spread. I always say they have to "hands"

PFT quotes Chris Collinsworth with the gem "Sanchez might want to chant for Tebow" after he got sacked yet again, which was probably the best part of the game in a laugher for NE as NYJ and it's own ineptitude won't quiet even their fans

Overall I did ok ATS (2 games were 'push'), not so good on totals (below .500)

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