Monday, February 06, 2012

2011 week 21 - Super Bowl XLVI results

Post game thoughts; NYG did it again, making their opponent pay for their mistakes and their opponent unable to capitalize on NYG's mistakes. NYG was the better team throughout the playoffs and won with their willy's and joe's and not as much with their x's and o's. Some are saying the game belongs in the top three of superbowl games, but I'll give it top five. The crowd and media were pro-NYG leading up to the game, I'd like to see less TV time outs, less advertisements, less half-time events, just a more normal flowing game.

The under occurred just as I thought it would and low and behold a safety for the first score, it paid 50-1 at some casinos. I didn't go over props this year, maybe next year...

regular season results:


post season results:

3-1-0/2-2-0 wk18
1-3-0/3-1-0 wk19
0-2-0/1-1-0 wk20
0-1-0/1-0-0 wk21

4-7-0/7-4-0 total post season

accumulated totals for the entire season


12 games up on sides and 25 games up on totals, not bad picking ATS, even better picking totals, onto next year....

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