Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mariucci is impressed with RG3

'Mooch' as he is afffectionately known was impressed w/Robert Griffin III beyond the athletic measurables and liked his recall ability and football acumen. The rest of the broadcast crew speculated on where he would go in the draft with STL getting several picks from another team for the right to pick the second person in the upcoming draft which could be RG3.

Earlier Kurt Warner was on the broadcast and commented on the ongoing topic of what will Manning do. He did bring up an interesting point and of course, the counter point came from Jamie Dukes. I guess it was another episode of the Smartest Two Guys at the Table. Mooch had his say as well and reminded us of prior great QBs that weren't allowed to retire or end their career with 'their team'.

Another WR from Georgia Tech had a great day and will shoot up the draft boards. Watching the RB's David Wilson looked explosive with a 41 inch vertical leap, Doug Martin confirmed he is a good RB, and passing the eyeball test is Robert Turbin looks like he should be able to pass protect, plus he had 28 reps at the bench press (they didn't count 2, but I didn't see the whole session), ran the 40 in the 4.4 range and weighed in at 222lbs, looked good as well in the passing drills. I'm thinking LaMichael James will be not be an instant success only because there a few schemes in the NFL where he would fit in immediately and make an impact. Sure maybe as KR/PR they can use that 4.3 speed, but where else? Teams like their WRs with blazing speed. When/if he comes into the game, DC's will be able to figure out what's coming after a few drives (can you say screen?).

Looks like Chris Owusu out of Stanford also will be climbing the boards, since he had a 40.5 vertical, football is becoming basketball on grass, so I could see Chris in the endzone with highlight TD catches.

I think their are way too many pro days and the regional combines are where the athletes that did not compete today should be going to complete their assessments by the NFL teams. If these Pro Days continue it'll become unmanageable as their 120 FBS teams, how would you schedule for all these teams in the time between the end of the Super Bowl and draft day? I also think the NFL should really enforce projected high drafts and projected highest drafts by position should compete at all the combine events. I think if a penalty was enforced such as non-compete draftees can only be drafted beginning in the 2nd round would stop alot of this advice from agents to not compete at the combine due to this could only hurt your draft status if all the analysts/scouts are stating you're  #1 at your position.

Personnel people should be keeping in mind that potential draftees could have an off day, that's why they review numerous game day tape to have a better assessment of that player. If the potential draftee has a 'bad day', then let him have another chance at a regional combine, forget the Pro Days they are doomed to create scheduling conflicts and thus the scouting department will have greater expenses and spend even more time than needed to review players. It's just inefficient, this is like a test, if the participant wasn't satisfied with the results, schedule a make up test. In this way it'll be much more fair for all involved parties and would allow the analysts/scouts to spend their resources/time of digging up better players by being to look at more players. Analysts/scouts could find those hidden gems much easier, if you just increase the number of players you review, but you need time to put in the effort and Pro Days are a waste of time and thus a waste of effort.

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