Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm unable to share my original Quattro Pro spreadsheet online using Google Docs

As an afterthought I've tried to post/share the spreadsheet created using Quattro Pro saved with a .wb3 file extension that I've made for the 2011 season and have failed. Here's a list of problems encountered.

At first I thought I could just upload to this blog as an attachment, no can do.

Next I thought of using google docs, but it doesn't recognize the .wb3 file extension (unsupported format, sigh....)

So then I tried converting .wb3 by opening in MS Office 2010, that failed as well.

Next I opened file in Quattro Pro then did a save as .xls file and was able to do so, but I lost most formulas as they were converted to values.

So now with an .xls file I again tried to upload/convert to google docs again this failed.

So I thought why not open the .xls file using MS Office 2010 and save as .xlsx? This worked, but I lost more formulas as they were converted to values and column headers as well were changed as I was able to have headers such as +6 (useful for teasers) which were changed to _+6_  (sigh...)

and again I tried to upload/open with google docs, but now I found there is a limit of 400,000 cells and I couldn't read the rest of the message as it appears to be truncated due to space limitations on screen I think.

Thus I've ended this adventure of trying to share my quattro pro nfl 2011 spreadsheet online. If anyone wants access to the spreadsheet, simply add your e-mail within the comments and I'll send it.

Yes, you'll need Quattro Pro to open the file with .wb3 extension, the .xls and .xlsx versions lose most of the formulas and formatting. Why do I still use Quattro Pro? Partly due to familiarity and partly due to limitations I found using ms office excel such as nesting IF statements, referencing named areas/cells, ease of creating a database, floating buttons, macro creations, formatting multiple sheets at a time and editing multiple sheets at a time.

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