Friday, February 24, 2012

ain't it great? Watch the Combine online for free!

You just gotta love access to the combine that the NFL has now brought to an even larger amount of  the public. In prior years, even the news media wasn't allowed in, then with NFL Network broadcasting combine you had better access than the news media. Now the audience just got larger as the NFL Network was will broadcast online as well as it's own network. This level of transparency will enhance the status of the NFL as the #1 sport in the US. Watch at It starts tomorrow @9am EST.
I'm just loving it as a football fan and since I don't have the NFL network, this is great. WHAT!? A NFL fan without the NFL network? Can't call yourself a true fan? Sure you can it's not your fault or the NFL fault that many of the retransmission companies are blocking the acceptance of the NFL network due to $$$$. With internet access you too can watch it for free. I know I will. :-)

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