Saturday, February 25, 2012

Steve Wyche and the Smartest Two Guys at the Table

Oh the combine, among the great insights or table talk (if you want to call it that) that occured on Day 1 was when the topic turned to QB Peyton Manning. Steve was joined at the table by NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes and current Indy center Jeff Saturday. They each bring their own thoughts of what will most likely happen with current Indy QB Manning, will he stay? will he go? and why. After listening to each of them, my take is that it's not likely Manning will remain at Indy. So where will he go? Jets? Dolphins? Chiefs? who knows, but Mannings days at Indy are coming to an end.

I also watched Bucky Brooks with his distinct voice and nice insights, sadly I didn't recognize his partner. Michael Lombardi stopped by as well to lend his insights as well. My insight is that I'll take twice the time I thought I would watching the combine with the two camera angles, lol.

The strength and lack of strength by O-linemen and Tight Ends had a few notables. You could tell some are big athletic guys by pure numbers and watching verifies this fact. Kalil, Castro really strong and surprisingly quick, the former Georgia and former Stanford players are strong. Molk (former Michigan) topped the field with 41 reps, he may not be a first round, but he'll definitely make a team.

As far as disappointment former Ohio St Adams in my mind had only 19 reps, who'd had thought?

My only other comment..... the site is slow to load as well as change pages, sigh... TMI? (too much information) maybe more like site design if you ask me. This is where the concept 'less is more' should be followed to allow for faster load times and navigation, but until enough people say something in the negative vein we're just going to live with it, sigh.....  So the featured menu Combine Tracker doesn't really work for me. Site optimization really needs to be done.... sigh....

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