Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 - week 01 - results

The opening game win for the SB champ trend continues w/NE getting the home win. PIT had a garbage time TD which made the score 21-28, it wasn't that close. 1st half miscues by PIT ST, D and O had the game in NE favor early on. PIT looked like a 20's team and with 2 missed FGs. Play calling by O was a bit curious on the first drive. PIT 2ndary has real issues.

I guess I did ok, compared to last year I did better ATS, but worse on totals.... sigh
results below:

2015 - results - week 01

In hindsight, what would have won more SU:
Just picking the older QB, the QB with more NFL experience won 11 games SU
There were a few games with ties for years of NFL experience. If you had chosen the dog in each case (SEA @STL, TEN @TB, MIA @WAS) you would have won 2 of 3 [MIA was only favorite to win SU]
Of the remaining two games (CLE @NYJ) CLE starting QB inj'd and (NO @ARI) ARI D is formidable or NO O (specifically WRs) are in a funk

(if you just picked the QB w/more years of NFL experience, and if tied pick dog)
Again you would have won 11 game ATS, the games that bucked the trend are below:
PIT @NE = Push

As for totals... I was doing ok, until the TEN game, from there on the games were not as I envisioned them...sigh..

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