Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 - week 04 - rest of the week - picks

I may change my mind again....
update 9/27 changed pick from GB/Over to CHI/Over

09/28 1:00 PM
251 MIA -4½ **UNDER**
252 OAK 40½ *

This game is at Wembley Stadium, London, England which should favor the road team, except MIA is not playing well and OAK has a D and a viable O.
Notes: OAK has been in London since Monday
MIA following normal road team routine, leave on Thursday night

09/28 1:00 PM
253 GB -1½ ***OVER***
254 CHI 49½ *

CHI 2ndary beat up and more
if GB couldn't go into DET and beat them, what stops them from doing the same in CHI?
GB RT Bulaga returns?
CHI ST weakness?
GB history of 'rebound' after strugglin' loss
changed pick from GB/Over to CHI/Over

09/28 1:00 PM
255 BUF 41 *
256 HOU -3 over

HOU does play better at home, but NYG ran on them, I think BUF will do the same and stop HOU O from running as well
HC's know each other really well
starting to waffle on this one, very similiar teams
in that they need their D and ST to win and O to perform moderately. Neither can come back, so they should be looking to front run again to notch another victory
With ST injuries to both teams, we may see much better than normal field position for each team, thus I'm think'g the total might be easier vs side.
If I knew that HOU will feed RB Blue, I'd give them the edge, but last week vs NYG was really odd for me to see.
BUF gets the edge right now, their D can stop the run, 
Can HOU D stop the run even w/their recent p/u of NT Pickett?

09/28 1:00 PM
257 TEN 45½ UNDER
258 IND -7½ ****

IND should be favored by 2TDs, any other questions?
IND D numerous injuries
TEN QB Whitehurst starts, if he does well, I would sit Locker.
IND O should be running all over TEN D

09/28 1:00 PM
259 CAR 41 UNDER
260 BAL -3 ***

just thinking BAL WR Smith will be way UP for this game
CAR OL has issues...
BAL LT Hurst starts (rookie)

09/28 1:00 PM
261 DET -1½ *
262 NYJ 45 over?

CHI beat NYJ at home, can another NFC North team do NYJ in?
DET new Kicker Henery

09/28 1:00 PM
263 TB 44½ *UNDER*
264 PIT -7½ **

does anyone think TB will hang within 3TDs?

09/28 4:05 PM
265 JAC 44½ **UNDER**
266 SD -13 ***

JAC QB Bortles starts? It won't matter...

09/28 4:25 PM
267 PHI 50½ *
268 SF -5½ over

PHI has been having it's way, coming back in the 2nd half, I wonder if that stops here?
2 teams  opposite directions?
a tale of two halves
SF 1st half team
PHI 2nd half team
PHI has played 3 different games defensively

09/28 4:25 PM
269 ATL -3 **
270 MIN 46½ UNDER

I was thinking this was a dome team game, but was gently reminded of MIN new temporary digs. MIN new QB, RB, new low?

09/28 8:30 PM
271 NO -3 **OVER**
272 DAL 53 *

Hoping for a game of fireworks, but if DAL has any brains, it's run on NO..

09/29 8:30 PM
273 NE -3½ ***UNDER***
274 KC 45 *

I'm surprised the spread isn't more

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