Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 * Offense - Defense (Efficiency & QB Ratings) * week 02

2014 * Offense - Defense * week 02

1st column 'team', 2nd column 'Offense-Defense Efficiency', 3rd column 'number of wins', 4th column 'Offense-Defense QB ratings' this is kept in larger columns for each division

The teams are sorted by efficiency first, wins, QB ratings (NFL)

It's a little tough to see, but after two weeks of games there are surprises. The biggest surprise among 2-0 teams is HOU, but considering their opponents so far, (WAS & OAK) the numbers look really good for them. In this early part of the season, HOU is way a UP there in the clouds.

The biggest pretender among 2-0 teams is PHI, some will argue BUF or ARI, but the numbers state PHI. Needing two second half comebacks also seems to play into the numbers skewing against PHI.

Among the 0-2 teams, KC appears to be among the bottom 5 in the league, hovering nearby is also PIT, another team that may be in for a long season as well. The teams performing the best with 0-2 records are NO and IND. Their numbers are comparable to a number of 1-1 teams, I expect them to step on up some time soon, this week? next week?

Injuries have really curtailed the performance of some teams. Either injuries to key players or just a multitude of injuries have been too much for some teams to overcome. What's really noticeable to me is the disparity between the good and bad teams in their divisions. HOU and CAR have huge edges at this time. The NFC North appears to have the most parity among themselves. The toughest division is again the NFC West, with no team posting a negative efficiency and only STL with a negative QB rating.

It's still early in the season, I need to remember to post another snapshot after week 4 as a quarter of the season will have be decided and a clearer picture will emerge.

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